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Is Schluter worth the money?

Is Schluter worth the money?

Great product. It takes a little longer than the traditional mud shower bed and water-proofing methods, but it is worth it. Took my old shower down to the studs and completely rebuilt it with DuraRock and then the Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit and 12×16″ tiles.

How much does a Schluter system cost?

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What colors does Schluter come in?

The classic looks of both black and white never seem to go out of style. To support these common design choices, Schluter®-Systems now provides black and white finish options for their most popular profiles.

Where are Schluter products made?

With its home base still in Iserlohn, Germany, and its largest North American facility located in Plattsburgh, NY, Schluter-Systems continues to thrive as a family-run business that reaches many countries around the world.

How long will a Schluter shower System last?

Does the Schlüter®-KERDI last a lifetime? For many of our products, sustainability is key and we ensure that all of the materials that we use are built to provide the waterproofing you need for a long time. With our products, you can expect for them to last for upwards of fifty years.

Is Schluter necessary for shower?

They must be installed along with a waterproofing system to effectively manage moisture and prevent potentially dangerous mold growth. The Schluter Shower System consists of a set of integrated products that is complete and, when used together, forms a fully bonded, watertight assembly for any tiled shower.

How long does it take to install a Schluter shower System?

INSTALLING THE SCHLUTER KERDI MEMBRANE Also, it took me 6 hours to install the system. I decided to cut out my pieces first and this was easily done using a tape measure and scissors. Next, I mixed the mortar. TIP: Make sure you are using the correct type of mortar: unmodified thin-set mortar ANSI A118.

Which is better Schluter or wedi?

The Wedi materials are less forgiving and fixes for mistakes in your cuts are not recommended. The Schluter system is more forgiving since you can use the Kerdi band, mortar, offcuts and Kerdi fix to.

How long does it take to install a Schluter shower?

Do I need to waterproof shower walls before tiling?

You should waterproof all the shower walls before tiling. A tile backer or cement board is typically not waterproof, albeit many are water-resistant. The most effective and reliable solution is a separate waterproofing membrane on primed shower walls before tiling.

How much does it cost to install a Schluter shower?

Installation cost (what I charge) $250. Time saved: 3-6 hours, enough time to go get the upstairs shower ready for tile.

Can you put Schluter over drywall?

Yes. Once you install KERDI over the drywall panels, they will be completely protected from the water and vapor in your tiled shower.

Is wedi cheaper than Schluter?

Price – Schluter Schluter is half the price of Wedi in our area. If you break down the pieces of the system, the main cost difference is the shower base. Wedi’s shower base is much more expensive than Schluter’s shower base. The wall panels are about the same price.

How long will a Schluter shower system last?

What goes behind the tile in a shower?

cement board
In showers, the standard substrate is tile backer, also called cement board or cement backer board.

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