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Is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite?

Is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite?

Efrain Antonio Ramírez (born October 2, 1973) is an American actor and DJ, best known for playing Pedro Sánchez in the 2004 indie film Napoleon Dynamite. He later reprised his role in the 2012 animated series of the same name.

Where is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite now?

After his turn as the ambitious Pedro — Napoleon’s best friend who ran for (and won) student body president — Ramírez went on to land the role of Catuey in the TV series Eastbound & Down and to act alongside Will Ferrell in 2012’s Casa de mi Padre.

What does Pedro say in Napoleon Dynamite?

Pedro : If I win, you can be my secretary or something. Napoleon Dynamite : Sweet! Plus I could be your bodyguard, too.

What illness did Pedro have?

Pedro Zamora
Died November 11, 1994 (aged 22) Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, U.S.
Cause of death AIDS-related progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
Occupation Reality television personality, AIDS educator
Partner(s) Sean Sasser (1994)

Why does Pedro shave his head?

Pedro seems to enjoy American food as he started by eating a corn dog. He somehow gets hot but he tries to drink water and take a bath but he realizes that it’s his hair that made him so hot, so he shaves it all off and then puts on a hoodie and then tightens it because he doesn’t want anyone to see it.

Why does Napoleon Dynamite look like the 80s?

The film is set during the 2004–2005 school year, as shown on Napoleon’s student ID card in the title sequence. The film contains several culturally retroactive elements harkening back to the 1980s or 1990s. For example, Deb wears a side ponytail and Napoleon wears Moon Boots, both popular fashion trends of the 1980s.

Is Jon Heder still acting?

Jon did go on to star alongside Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory and there was even a short-lived animated series adaptation of Napoleon Dynamite. But after that, much of Jon’s work seems to be based in voice acting and in taking on more independent roles.

Why does Pedro cut his hair?

To support his campaign, they do numerous things, like have a piñata to hit, protection from bullies by Pedro’s cousins, giving out boondoggle key chains made by Deb, and even more. He shaves his head though, which he feels could hurt his chance at presidency, but Deb gives him a wig to wear.

Did Pedro win Napoleon Dynamite election?

Napoleon’s routine receives a standing ovation from students, stunning Summer, and her boyfriend, Don. Pedro becomes the class president, Kip and LaFawnduh leave on a bus for Michigan, Rico reunites with his estranged girlfriend, Grandma returns from the hospital, and Napoleon and Deb reconcile and play tetherball.

What was Napoleon feeding Tina?

Napoleon Dynamite : [Feeding the llama scoops of casserole over the fence] Tina, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!…

Does Efren Ramirez have a twin brother?

Carlos RamirezEfren Ramirez / Brother

How tall is Efren Ramirez?

5′ 7″Efren Ramirez / Height

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