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Is Macys closing stores in NJ?

Is Macys closing stores in NJ?

These 10 stores are part of the 125 Macy’s stores total the company already announced it plans to shutter by 2023. 65 of those stores already closed. In 2017, Macy’s closed three stores in New Jersey, in Wayne (at the Preakness Shopping Center), Moorestown and Voorhees.

What Macy’s locations are closing in 2021?

The closures include the following on-mall Macy’s locations: Puente Hills in California; Streets at SouthGlenn and Twenty Ninth Street, both in Colorado; San Jacinto in Texas, including the Furniture Clearance Center; Lee’s Summit in Missouri; and Brookwood Village in Alabama.

What Macy’s are closing in 2022?

The Macy stores to be closed this year (but belonged to last year’s count) are located in Puente Hills Mall, Ca., Streets at SouthGlenn, Col., San Jacinto Mall, Tex., Twenty-Ninth Street Mall, Colo., Summit Fair, Mo., and Brookwood Village, Ala. These stores will be closed between February and April 2022.

How many Macy’s are in NJ?

24 Macy’s Stores
24 Macy’s Stores in New Jersey.

Where is the largest Macy’s in NJ?

Westfield Garden State Plaza With anchor stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s highlighting an enormous overall area, this mall is easily the largest in the state.

Is Louis Vuitton closing in New York?

The Louis Vuitton pop-up in New York City closed its doors for good yesterday. Its neon shell still sits on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side, almost eulogizing the store’s 10-day existence.

Is Macy’s closing more stores in 2022?

Macy’s has announced it will be closing stores in 2022 as part of an ongoing plan to close about one-fifth of its stores. The department store chain confirmed to USA Today that six Macy’s and one Bloomingdale’s Outlet store will close within the next few months.

What was the first mall in NJ?

Garden State Plaza was the state’s first shopping mall. It opened in three stages between May 1957 and August 1960 and was fully enclosed in 1983. The shopping complex is now known as Westfield Garden State Plaza.

What is the most popular mall in NJ?

The Westfield is the biggest mall in New Jersey and is the most authentic mall experience you’ll get. People enjoy Westfield for its wide variety of stores, but they also love to take advantage of their unique services such as The Suite.

Why are Louis Vuitton stores closing?

Louis Vuitton owner LVMH has recorded a 17 per cent drop in comparable sales in the first quarter due to the coronavirus pandemic, as government-mandated lockdowns resulted in store closures.

How many Macy’s stores are in New Jersey?

Macy’s is expected to close at least 28 department stores and one Bloomingdale’s store, according to a report on USA Today. There are currently 24 Macy’s department stores in New Jersey, and none of them was listed among the 28 that will close.

How many Macy’s stores are closing?

See the stores slated to close by the end of February The closures are part of Macy’s three-year plan to close one-fifth of its stores, or roughly 125 locations, which was first announced before the coronavirus pandemic in February 2020. The pandemic led Macy’s and other retailers to temporarily close stores for in-person shopping for months.

Is Macy’s going out of business 2022?

The Macy’s stores in the newest closing round are expected to close in the company’s first financial quarter of 2022, which in past years ended in late July or early August. The Bloomingdale’s closure is expected by the end of the last quarter of 2021, which is Jan. 29.

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