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How old is Ian Roberts?

How old is Ian Roberts?

56 years (July 31, 1965)Ian Roberts / Age

Does Ian Roberts have children?

Acting career In the Oscar-winning South African film, Tsotsi, Roberts played the role of a police captain. He was married to South African actress Michelle Botes, but the couple divorced in 1999. They had two children.

How tall is Ian Roberts?

6′ 5″Ian Roberts / Height

When did Ian Roberts retire?

Australian rugby league legend Ian Roberts [he/him], 56, came out as gay in 1994 and continued to play top tier club football until his retirement in 1998.

Who did Ian Roberts punch?

THE GARRY JACK INCIDENT Roberts was sued by former Balmain fullback Garry Jack in 1999 after being viciously bashed by him during a game eight years earlier.

What show is Ian Roberts in?

Ian Roberts is a South African actor, playwright and singer best known to television viewers for his roles in the drama series Arende and Snitch, and as the character Boet in a series of long-running advertisements for Castrol motor oil.

Where does Ian Roberts stay?

Where does Ian Roberts live? He lives in Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Did Gary Jack Sue Ian Roberts?

Roberts was sued by former Balmain fullback Garry Jack in 1999 after being viciously bashed by him during a game eight years earlier. Jack sued for $100,000 in damages claiming he suffered shock, traumatic injuries to his face and eyes, cuts, headaches and numbness, and was embarrassed by scarring to his face.

Who plays Spirit finger guy bring it?

Ian Roberts (II)

Who is artist Ian Roberts wife?

artist Anne Ward
He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, artist Anne Ward.

Who is Ian Roberts artist?

Artist Ian Roberts has been painting for over 40 years. The son of a painter, Ian would accompany his father on painting trips from the time he was ten years old. He attended the New School of Art and the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and studied figure painting in Florence, Italy.

Who broke Steve Rogers jaw?

Mark Bugden
On this day, the prince of centres Steve Rogers has his jaw broken by Mark Bugden, seven players are sent off in one game and popular Dragon Nathan Brown is forced to call it a day at just 27.

Who plays Jan in Bring It On?

Nathan West
Clare Kramer played Courtney, one of the more shallow girls on the Toros team. She also carried on a flirtation with male cheerleader Jan (Nathan West).

Who played Torrences boyfriend in Bring It On?

Torrance Shipman’s boyfriend Aaron was played by Richard Hillman. Hillman stopped acting shortly after the movie and died at age 34 in 2009. The cause of his death was never revealed.

Who is Ian Roberts father?

Roberts was born in Queens, New York, to parents Don and Penny Roberts, but spent the majority of his childhood in Secaucus, New Jersey, where he moved at age four.

Where does Ian Roberts teach?

In addition to exhibiting his work in the United States and Canada, Roberts keeps a rigorous teaching schedule through his school, the Atelier Saint-Luc (named after the patron saint of painters). He spends two months a year in Provence, France, during which time he teaches two ten-day plein air painting workshops.

Did Steve Rogers play for Manly?

Signed by Cronulla (and future ARL) official Bob Abbott, Rogers was graded with the Sharks as an 18-year-old in 1973 and played in the club’s historic grand final loss to Manly. Gaining selection with the Kangaroos, he did not play a Test on tour (he broke his jaw in France).

Where is Steve Rogers from?

Brooklyn, New York
Steve Rogers was born on July 4, 1918, in Brooklyn, New York, to Joseph and Sarah Rogers. His father, a member of the 107th Infantry Regiment, was killed by mustard gas during the First World War. He was raised by his mother, a nurse, who died of tuberculosis, leaving Rogers alone at the age of eighteen.

Is Rancho Carne High School real?

According to IMDb, San Diego State University, The Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Mount Carmel High School, and Eastlake High School all served as locations for scenes set at the fictional Rancho Carne High School. The high school exterior shots were filmed at the main campus of SDSU, reports.

Who plays Camille in Bring It On?

Solange Knowles played Camille Following her Bring It On: All or Nothing role, Solange had brief TV roles before focusing on her music career. Over the years, she’s released four albums and has also become known for her fashionable looks.

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