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How much are Volkswagen catalytic converters worth?

How much are Volkswagen catalytic converters worth?

This guide was updated: 2022-06-09. Used vw catalytic converter sold eBay prices are $515. New current listings averaged $-164 lower vs used current listings for a difference of -46.72%.

How much is a car’s catalytic converter worth?

between $800 and $1,200
The average catalytic converter ranges between $800 and $1,200, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. In general, the larger the engine, the more expensive the converter. Keep in mind that these prices only include the cost of the converter unit itself.

Does a VW Passat have a catalytic converter?

There are two types of catalytic converters available for a Volkswagen Passat: the common catcon or the two-way version and the high-end catcon, or the three-way version.

Which car catalytic converters are worth the most?

The most expensive metal included in the catalytic converter is probably Platinum. The Platinum (Pt) is also known as white gold and costs a real fortune to obtain. The second most expensive is probably Palladium (Pd) and the third most expensive material is Rhodium (Rh).

How much are Audi catalytic converters worth?

Most Popular Audi Catalytic Converters The average cost of a Audi catalytic converter is between $172.99 and $1595.00.

How many catalytic converters does a 2004 Jetta have?

Two small ones in the down tubes and a larger third one further back. – What engine do you have and why do you want to know? 7 people found this helpful.

What cars are easy targets for catalytic converter theft?

These are the 10 models most targeted by catalytic converter thieves in the U.S., according to the company that tracks vehicle history.

  • 1985-2021 Ford F-Series pickup trucks.
  • 1989-2020 Honda Accord.
  • 2007-17 Jeep Patriot.
  • 1990-2022 Ford Econoline vans.
  • 1999-2021 Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks.
  • 2005-21 Chevrolet Equinox.

How much will a junkyard pay for a catalytic converter?

This varies by car and the condition of your catalytic converter. Still, on average, scrap catalytic converters are worth between 300 $ to 1500 $ when sold as scrap at your local wrecking service. In today’s world, catalytic converters are no longer being sold as part of a car.

How much is a catalytic converter worth on a Volkswagen Jetta?

A Volkswagen Jetta Catalytic Converter Replacement costs between $1,669 and $1,707 on average.

How much is a Audi catalytic converter worth?

How much do thieves get for a catalytic converter?

Thieves can fetch as much as $700 per converter from unscrupulous scrap yards. And unfortunately, this can leave Prius owners with bills as high as $2,000. Trucks and SUVs are also common targets of catalytic converter theft because they are raised off the ground.

How much is a VW Jetta catalytic converter worth?

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