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How many people were at Green Day Milton Keynes?

How many people were at Green Day Milton Keynes?

130,000 people
Green Day performed in front of a combined 130,000 people in Milton Keynes in June 2005. It was one of the two biggest shows Green Day have performed in their career. The group also filmed their video album Bullet In A Bible at the gig, with support from Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, and Hard-Fi.

How many units has Green Day sold?

The band has sold over 75 million records worldwide, including more than 25 million in certified album sales in the United States.

Is Green Day a sellout?

Green Day released an album that isn’t selling. In its eighth week on the Billboard charts, “Insomniac” sat at slot 25, a respectable position for almost any other punk-rock band; the album has yet to be certified gold (sales of 500,000 copies) in the United States.

How many singles does Green Day have?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The following is a list of songs recorded by the American punk rock band Green Day. Since their first single in 1989, the band has gone on to release over 200 songs.

What is the capacity of Milton Keynes Bowl?

65,000The National Bowl / Capacity
The site was a former clay-pit (for brick-making), filled in and raised to form an amphitheatre using sub-soil excavated by the many new developments in the area and it has a current maximum capacity of 65,000. The arena is open-air grassland, without seats.

Who supported Bon Jovi Milton Keynes?

Support came in the form of Europe (Final Countdown), Vixen and Skid Row (Youth Gone Wild/ 18 and Life) – all of whom were really good.

What is Green Day’s biggest hit?

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams It’s their biggest selling song in America (where it’s reportedly sold over 2 million), but it places fifth in the UK with chart sales of 425,000, including 23.4 million streams.

What is Greendays biggest song?

The 20 greatest Green Day songs – ranked

  • 8Hitchin’ A Ride (Nimrod, 1997)
  • 7Longview (Dookie, 1994)
  • 6When I Come Around (Dookie, 1994)
  • 5Jesus Of Suburbia (American Idiot, 2004)
  • 4Burnout (Dookie, 1994)
  • 3Basket Case (Dookie, 1994)
  • 2She (Dookie, 1994)
  • 1St. Jimmy (American Idiot, 2004)

Has Milton Keynes Bowl been sold?

MKDP have agreed terms for the transfer of the predominant part of MK Bowl to MK Dons (sic) for use as training facilities, community sport and cycling.

Is Milton Keynes Bowl still used for concerts?

Milton Keynes Dons said it hoped to develop a “state-of-the-art training facility” at the National Bowl. The open-air amphitheatre was built in 1973 and held its last concert in 2015. The plans, yet to be approved, will include 12 football pitches and a community hub. The venue would still hold concerts, the club said.

Who supported Oasis at Milton Keynes Bowl?

London Milton Keynes Bowl (July 9) – Babyshambles, Secret Machines, 22:20és, The Redwalls.

Has any album Gone Diamond?

The criteria are that the album must have been published (including self-publishing by the artist), and the album must have achieved at least a diamond certification from the RIAA….20 million or more copies.

Year 1976
Artist Eagles
Album Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975)
Label Asylum
Shipments (Sales) 38,000,000

What is the fastest selling album ever?

This is a list of the fastest-selling albums (pure sales) in the United States since Nielsen SoundScan tracking began on March 1, 1991. 25 by Adele is the fastest-selling album of all time in the US with 3,378,000 copies sold in its first seven days.

Who has the fastest selling album of all time?

Back then, retailers were selling about 700 million CDs a year….The 10 Fastest Selling Albums of All-Time, Now Officially Led By Adele’s ’25’

1 2
2015 2000
25 No Strings Attached
Adele *NSYNC
3,380,000 2,416,000

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