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How do you cite an online BBC?

How do you cite an online BBC?

4 “Coronavirus in South Africa: Smokers Fume at Cigarette Ban,” BBC News, May 26, 2020, Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Newspaper Title, Month Day, Year of publication. URL.

How do you Harvard reference a UK government website?

To be made up of:

  1. Name of government department or committee.
  2. Year of publication (in round brackets).
  3. Title (in italics).
  4. Place of publication: publisher.
  5. Series or paper number (in brackets) – if applicable.

How do you reference a website with no author Harvard?

Web page with no author When a web page has no identifiable author, cite in the text the first few words of the reference list entry, usually the title and the year, note the title of the web page is italicised. References: Title of web page or document Year, Publisher (if applicable), viewed Day Month Year, .

How do you cite a BBC article with no author?

Citations are placed in the context of discussion using the author’s last name and date of publication. When a work has no identified author, cite in text the first few words of the article title using double quotation marks, “headline-style” capitalization, and the year.

Who is the publisher of BBC News website?

BBC World News is owned and operated by BBC Global News Ltd, a member of the BBC’s commercial group of companies and is funded by subscription and advertising revenues. The registered address of BBC Global News Ltd is Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA.

How do you cite a BBC video?

Example of reference BBC One, 1 September. It is often useful to mention the name of the programme as well as the episode when you introduce the topic, but this is not an official part of the citation. If you are talking about a specific moment in the video, include the timestamp in your sentence.

How do you reference a website UK?

References to websites should include:

  1. Author or organisation responsible for the site.
  2. Title of the website (in italics)
  3. [online]
  4. Place of publication and publisher.
  5. The date the site was published or last updated.
  6. Date you viewed the website.
  7. The URL.

How do you Harvard reference a government website?

Government Name, Name of Government Agency Year, Title (Report No. xxx [if available]), Publisher, Place of Publication, viewed Day Month Year, .

How do I reference from a website?

Include information in the following order:

  1. author (the person or organisation responsible for the site)
  2. year (date created or last updated)
  3. name of sponsor of site (if available)
  4. accessed day month year (the date you viewed the site)
  5. URL or Internet address (between pointed brackets).

How do you cite a website if there is no author?

How to Cite a Website with No Author

  1. APA. Structure: Title of webpage/article. ( Year, Month Date of publication).
  2. MLA 8. Structure: “Title of the Article or Individual Page.” Title of the website, Name of the publisher, Date of publication, URL. Example:
  3. Chicago. Structure: “Article Title.” Website Title.

How do you Harvard reference an online article?

Basic format to reference material from the web

  1. Author or authors. The surname is followed by first initials.
  2. Year.
  3. Title (in italics).
  4. Publisher. Where there is a corporate author, the publisher and author may be the same.
  5. Date viewed.
  6. Web address .

Is BBC News an academic source?

The BBC News website attracts more citations from Scopus-indexed publications than CNN and Reuters (Figure 1), and so it is a reasonable source for the current study.

Is BBC a valid source?

BBC is a British publicly funded broadcaster. It is considered generally reliable. This includes BBC News, BBC documentaries, and the BBC History site (on BBC Online).

Can I use BBC as source?

Can I use BBC content?

You normally need to ask permission. To ask about using content from the BBC News website email the News Website Permissions team. To ask about using content from any other BBC sites, get in touch here. Remember to include info about what you want to do with the content and where you’d like to use it.

How do you reference an online website?

How do you Harvard reference a website in Word?

How do I set the Referencing Style?

  1. Click on the References tab on the top menu.
  2. The tool you will be using is in the Citations & Bibliography section.
  3. The first thing you need to do is set your Referencing Style – for example, Harvard.
  4. Click on the button to the right of Style.
  5. Select Harvard.

How do you cite a government website with no author?

Generally, it is not necessary to cite a website in a reference entry in APA style. According to the APA guidelines, one can simply add the URL of the website as an in-text citation, e.g.: The website USA gov ( claims to be an online guide to government information and services.

How do you Harvard reference an Article from a website?

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