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How do I transfer calls on my Panasonic KX T7633?

How do I transfer calls on my Panasonic KX T7633?

You can transfer a held call without talking by going on-hook. reminder. To return to the held call before the destination answers, press the TRANSFER button, corresponding CO, G-DN or INTERCOM button.

How do I change the extension name on my Panasonic KX-T7630?

Press the PROGRAMME key and dial **1234. At this point, you’ll see, “System program number” on the display. Dial 004 and then press ENTER and it will show, “Enter extension number”. Dial the extension number of the person you wish to change the name for.

Where is the extension number on a Panasonic phone?

Dial the telephone number. Press the HOLD button on your SIP Extension….

Panasonic IP Proprietary Telephone (IP-PT) (e.g., KX-NT346 or KX-NT366)
Panasonic Proprietary Telephone (PT) (e.g., KX-T7636)
Panasonic Portable Station (PS) (e.g., KX-TD7690)
Single Line Telephone (SLT) (e.g., rotary pulse telephone)

How do you change the extension on a phone?

Press this file long and press the three vertical dots at the top. Tap “Rename,” and in the popup, you’ll see the file name, the dot, and the extension of the file. Remove the existing extension and then enter the desired extension. Press the “OK” button and tap “Rename.”

What number do I dial to forward calls?

Turn Call Forwarding on and off

Feature Description Turn on
Call Forwarding Forwards your incoming calls to another number. Dial *72 or 72#, enter a forwarding number, and wait for the call to answer
Call Forwarding – Busy Line Forwards incoming calls to another number when your number is busy. Call 800.288.2020 for agent help

How do you transfer calls from a landline to a cell phone?

How to forward a landline number to a cell phone

  1. Dial *72 from your landline phone and wait for the dial tone or confirmation tone.
  2. Enter the 10-digit phone number of the mobile device you want your calls forwarded to.
  3. Hit the hash button (#) or wait for confirmation the call forwarding service has been activated.

How do I transfer calls to another number?

Transfer a call

  1. Answer the call.
  2. When ready, tap Transfer . Voice puts the call on hold.
  3. From your list of contacts, find the person you want to transfer the call to. If the person isn’t a contact, enter their number instead.
  4. When ready to transfer the call, tap the person’s name or number.
  5. Tap Close.

How do I transfer my landline number to my mobile?

How to forward calls from a landline to your cell phone

  1. Lift the receiver of your landline phone and dial *72 after you hear the dial tone.
  2. Dial the 10-digit phone number you’d like to forward these calls to, followed by the # sign.
  3. Wait for confirmation that call forwarding has been successfully set up.

How do I set up my Panasonic phone?

Panasonic 600

  1. Step 1: On the Base Unit. Press and hold the Handset Indicator button on the right side of the base unit until the indicator light flashes red.
  2. Step 2: On the Handset. Press and hold the Right Soft Key (OK) on the headset or desk phone until the screen shows Please Wait and then Registered.

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