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How can I make my locker look better?

How can I make my locker look better?

Use things like mirrors and storage racks to keep your items neat and organized. Add items like pictures, cut-outs, and carpeting to make your locker your own. Use as many decorations as you’d like! With some supplies and creativity, you can transform your locker into the talk of the school.

Are you allowed to decorate your locker in middle school?

You can put whatever you want inside and decorate it however you want! It is important to keep your locker clean and organized so you can find everything you need to do well in your classes.

How do you make a magnetic wallpaper locker?

The Steps:

  1. Measure the walls of the locker where you want to place your DIY locker wallpaper.
  2. Use your measurements to draw the outline on your fabric or paper.
  3. Cut out your shape.
  4. You can either use magnetic tape to hang, or place magnets on top of the paper of fabric to hold in place.
  5. Voila! You’re done!

What should you always have in your locker?

17 Locker Must Haves

  • Collapsible locker shelf.
  • Magnetic dry erase sheets.
  • Extra phone or tablet charger.
  • Power bank.
  • Shatter-proof locker mirror.
  • Dryer Sheets.
  • Small-portioned hand sanitizer.
  • Removable hooks.

How do you decorate a disco ball in a room?

Try hanging a disco ball in a room at home that’s quietly elegant, but not above impromptu dance parties. Continue to 2 of 10 below. Sure, pine cones, seashells, and jute balls are great bowl fillers, but if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, fill a bowl, basket or vase with several small disco balls.

Why do people put disco balls in their offices?

Nowadays, home offices are injected with plenty of personality, and these two disco balls resting on a desk are proof of this. They bring metallic interest into the space, plus they serve as reminders to not work too hard. Continue to 4 of 10 below.

How do you hang disco balls on a chandelier?

Hang Tiny Disco Balls from a Chandelier Aunt Peaches. To make a chandelier look anything-but-stuffy, hang some mirrored, miniature disco balls on it like in this image from Aunt Peaches. The best time to find these disco balls, which are typically ornaments, is during the holidays.

Can you string up disco balls over the dance floor?

Stringing up disco balls over your dance floor can be done in cool, new ways instead of just the standard one in the middle. Create an installation like this one by choosing disco balls of varying sizes and hanging them at different heights, and then mixing them in with another lighting element (like these chandeliers).

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