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Does Tmall ship to HK?

Does Tmall ship to HK?

Taobao and Tmall Target Hong Kong and Taiwan E-Shoppers With New Regional Shipping Options. China’s biggest e-commerce sites, Taobao and Tmall, are now serving customers in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Can foreigners use Tmall? is opened to foreign-invested businesses. That said, you do need to register a company in China, and set up a local bank account – a process that can easily take 4 to 8 months (trust me, I have personal experience).

Is Tmall cheaper than Taobao?

If you need authentic goods with various guarantees from official sellers, then we strongly advise you shop on Tmall, though prices are usually higher than on Taobao.

What is Tmall HK?

Launched in 2008, Tmall ( is a third-party online and mobile commerce platform for brands and retailers that caters to consumers’ ever-growing demand for high-quality products and premium shopping experiences.

How can I buy Tmall in English?

Here is how you can do market research using Tmall.

  1. Research products that have demand before buying.
  2. Go through featured items shown on the Tmall website.
  3. Read reviews on similar products.
  4. Decide whether the product will help or not.
  5. Use product tracking tools.
  6. Avoid Seasonal Products.
  7. Avoid hyped Products.

Is Tmall available in English?

Retail giant Tmall Global launched its first English-language website to attract more merchants and businesses from around the world to join China’s largest cross-border online shopping platform.

Is tmall available in English?

How do you shop on Tmall?

Is Tmall and Alibaba same?

TMall (more formally, Taobao Mall) is Alibaba’s dedicated B2C platform. It is the most visited B2C online retail platform in China, and currently has over 40,000 merchants selling goods.

What is difference between Tmall and Taobao?

The key difference between Tmall and Taobao is that while Tmall is a B2C platform, Taobao is C2C (think of it like the difference between Amazon and Ebay). Tmall was set up largely because consumers felt more comfortable buying goods from a company directly rather than from an individual.

Is Tmall the same as Alibaba?

How do I use Tmall outside of China?

To visit the Tmall website in English or your native language you can follow these few easy steps: Go to Choose to translate Chinese to English (or another language you prefer) Type down to translate that site.

Does Tmall ship worldwide?

The vast majority of Taobao and Tmall merchants don’t offer international shipping, and the few that do charge premium rates for the service. In some cases, international shipping costs can exceed the value of the goods being moved, a situationbuyersfind unacceptable.

Can I order from Tmall?

However, if you want to buy goods from Tmall China or Global and get them shipped to the US, you will only find a few merchants that will deliver the products to your address. In most cases, you will have to hire third-party parcel carrier services like DHL, etc.

Is Taobao same as Tmall?

Tmall is an offshoot of another successful Alibaba e-commerce platform – Taobao. The key difference between Tmall and Taobao is that while Tmall is a B2C platform, Taobao is C2C (think of it like the difference between Amazon and Ebay).

Does Tmall ship outside of China?

What is the difference between Tmall and Tmall Global?

Tmall Global enables foreign businesses to directly sell goods to Chinese online shoppers without needing a Chinese business license. Tmall Global is the international version of China’s leading online marketplace: Tmall. It is THE most famous and largest Chinese cross-border B2C platform.

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