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Does robotics notes have multiple endings?

Does robotics notes have multiple endings?

Robotics;Notes follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, the plot will progress in a specific direction.

Is Kaito a robot?

Although he is a member of the Robotics Club, Kaito is not interested in robots and he only joined to be by Akiho Senomiya’s side, by request of Misaki Senomiya.

Will there be a robotics notes DaSH anime?

An English localization by Spike Chunsoft, announced at Anime Expo 2019, is planned to be published bundled with Elite HD on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 13, 2020 in North America and on October 16 in Europe, and as a stand-alone, world-wide release for Microsoft Windows on October 13, 2020.

Is robotics a mecha note?

Though it’s about robots, new anime Robotics Notes isn’t just about combining mecha or blazing swords. Instead, it delves into the passion behind making such an awesome machine. The show centres on Kaito Yashio and Akiho Senomiya, the last members of Central Tanegashima High School’s robotics club.

How many chapters are in robotics Elite notes?

twelve chapters
Unlike the previous entries in the Science Adventure series, Robotics;Notes follows an almost entirely linear narrative, consisting of twelve chapters referred to as ‘phases’.

What is Elephant Mouse Syndrome?

a sporadic disorder of possible genetic origin, having a variable and changing phenotype; characterized by gigantism of the hands and feet, by distorted, abnormal growth, pigmented nevi, thickening of the palms and soles, vascular malformations, and subcutaneous lipomas; often confused with neurofibromatosis type I.

Is anonymous code related to Steins Gate?

‘ Steins;Gate, Anonymous;Code uses the concept of infinitely expanding vertical “world layers”, with the main character being able to manipulate layers lower than his.

Will there be a Steins Gate 0 elite?

“Steins;Gate 0 Elite” (シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ エリート) is an upcoming visual novel video game in the Science Adventure series. It is currently being developed by MAGES., and was formally announced on January 26, 2020 for Japanese audiences, the same day the live-action Steins;Gate TV series was announced.

IS Robotics notes connected to Steins Gate?

Relation to Steins;Gate Robotics;Notes takes place in the same universe as the rest of the entries in the Science Adventure Series, and occurs several years after Steins;Gate, the previous entry in the series. The game relies extensively on knowledge pertaining to both Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate.

What is Gunvarrel based on?

Akiho describes Mobile Battler Gunvarrel as a monumental work, inspired by the numerous successes of mecha anime that aired throughout the 50 years before it.

HOW LONG IS Robotics note?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 12 29h 08m
Main + Extras 9 32h 46m
Completionists 50 44h 36m
All PlayStyles 71 40h 29m

Will there be a season 3 of Steins Gate?

No, there will not be a Season 3 of Steins;Gate. No announcement for a Season 3 has been made.

Does Steins Gate VN have voice acting?

No English voice acting. If you care about it the anime adaptation has English dub. Only professional japanese seiyuu are available in this one and almost every other VN.

Is Steins Gate 0 a spin off?

The marketing for Steins;Gate 0 referred to it as a “true sequel” to Steins;Gate, as opposed to a spin-off or alternative story, like the previously released Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram.

Are chaos head and chaos child related?

Chaos;Child (stylized as ChäoS;Child) is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. It is the fourth main entry in the Science Adventure series, and a thematic sequel to Chaos;Head (2008).

What is c204 Steins Gate?

As the future Okabe explained to his past self, the “C” stands for “Christina”. The time machine of Steins;Gate worldline that appeared in Steins;Gate: The Movie – Load Region of Déjà vu was created by Kurisu and named OR204, after Okabe Rintarou.

What kind of game is robotic Robotics Notes?

Robotics;Notes. Robotics;Notes is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. It is the third main game in the Science Adventure series, following Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate, and is described by the developers as an “Augmented Science Adventure”.

Is there an English version of Robotics Notes Elite?

An English version of Robotics;Notes Elite was released by Spike Chunsoft in 2020 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Six manga have been produced, and an anime adaptation by Production I.G aired in Fuji TV ‘s Noitamina slot between October 2012 and March 2013. The anime has been licensed by Funimation in North America.

Who is Kaito Yashio in robotics?

In Robotics;Notes, the player assumes the role of Kaito Yashio, someone who enjoys fighting games. He is in his school’s robot club along with his childhood friend Akiho Senomiya. The story begins when Akiho decides to build a robot based on the Gunvarrel animated series she is a fan of, and she recruits Kaito to aid her.

Will there be a sequel to Robotics Notes?

The anime has been licensed by Funimation in North America. Robotics;Notes DaSH, a sequel to the game, was released in 2019. Robotics;Notes is a science fiction visual novel in which the player follows the perspective of multiple characters, mainly Kaito Yashio.

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