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Did Van Basten play for AC Milan?

Did Van Basten play for AC Milan?

Marcel “Marco” van Basten (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmɑrkoː vɑm ˈbɑstə(n)] ( listen); born 31 October 1964) is a Dutch football manager and retired professional player, who played for Ajax and AC Milan, as well as the Netherlands national team, as a striker.

Why did Van Basten retire at 28?

Van Basten was out for two seasons and half, he was no longer able to play because of the recurring ankle problem. After four operations, he decided that it was time to retire, only thirty years old (he had stop playing active football since when he was 28).

How much did AC Milan pay for Van Basten?

The Cup Winners’ Cup final was van Basten’s last game for Ajax, and he fittingly scored the winning goal. He finished his career in Holland with 128 goals in 133 league games, and 152 in 172 in all competitions, an unprecedented strike rate. In 1987, van Basten moved to AC Milan for the give-away fee of £1.5 million.

What does Van Basten do now?

He then went on to coach Ajax, Heerenveen and AZ Alkmaar, and is currently an assistant coach in the Dutch senior team. Marco van Basten is one of the players that can’t only be described by their stats – you have to see him play to truly understand what a fantastic striker he was.

Is Marco van Basten the best striker ever?

In the spirit of the Dutch footballing culture that he sprung from, Van Basten was staggeringly multi-talented, perhaps the most complete striker in history. Unlike many of his Dutch contemporaries, however, his position was very much unambiguous – he was an out-an-out centre-forward, a pure goalscorer.

How much did Milan pay for Gullit?

AC Milan. Gullit signed for AC Milan in 1987, paying the then world record transfer fee of 18 million guilders as a replacement for Ray Wilkins.

How old is Gullit?

59 years (September 1, 1962)Ruud Gullit / Age

Why did Gullit leave AC Milan?

Gullit had spent much of his career turning out for AC Milan at the enormous San Siro, so he was in for something of a shock when he pitched up in SW6 to find a ground undergoing major redevelopment, and a training facility shared with university students.

Is Ruud Gullit alive?

Ruud Gullit (born 1 September 1962) is a Dutch former football player. He has played for the Netherlands national team….International career statistics.

Netherlands national team
Year Apps Goals
1993 2 0
1994 1 0
Total 66 17

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