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Are LINDBERG glasses worth it?

Are LINDBERG glasses worth it?

Their frames are strong, flexible and incredibly resilient. They have truly revolutionized the eyewear design game. You won’t find any rivets, screws, welds, or soldering in any pair of frames – making the structure of the frame itself less breakable.

Is LINDBERG a luxury brand?

LINDBERG is the absolute luxury eyewear and it will come as a perfect complement to the brand portfolio that Kering Eyewear has been assembling since 2014, making it even more relevant to our specialized distribution network.

Are LINDBERG glasses strong?

LINDBERG glasses offers you This means LINDBERG frames are incredibly strong and flexible – yet among the lightest and most comfortable in the world. Patented technical innovations, along with carefully engineered and crafted details, have revolutionised modern eyewear.

How long does it take to make LINDBERG glasses?

You can build and pick up a LINDBERG pair at the store but if you choose a highly customizable one, it will come straight from Denmark within a week. Most people who wear prescription glasses do it for 16 hours a day (7 days a week). We only take our glasses off to sleep.

Can LINDBERG frames be repaired?

By using specialized equipment and multitude of qualitative spare parts, we can repair most kinds of damage done to your glasses, including lenses replacement.

What is the warranty on LINDBERG glasses?

LINDBERG does not offer lifetime warranty on any of our products, not at present, nor in the past. LINDBERG cannot be held responsible, should the dealer have informed you otherwise. Has the bridge broken, it would still be possible for you to purchase a new one and continue to wear your glasses.

Where are LINDBERG eyeglass frames made?

LINDBERG eyewear is the epitome of Danish Design with every piece designed and made in Denmark. The brand is known for their level of ingenuity on the verge of the impossible. LINDBERG is part of Kering Group, which also owns houses like Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and other luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.

Where are LINDBERG frames made?

What lenses do LINDBERG use?

BETTER VISION: LINDBERG sunglasses are equipped with ZEISS sunglass lenses.

Are Lindberg eyeglasses a good brand?

Enjoy understated style with Lindberg eyeglasses, the Danish brand which is quickly growing popularity both nationally and abroad. With quality and style at the forefront of this brand, you are sure to pick up something that will impress.

What is Lindberg precious?

All the signature benefits of LINDBERG in 100% kid-friendly designs. LINDBERG Precious is one of the most exclusive eyewear collections the world has ever seen. The beautiful fine designs are made from 18 ct solid gold, platinum, diamonds and buffalo horn.

Can I customize my Lindberg frame?

Every detail can be customized in Lindberg frames to meet customers’ exact requirements and expectations. There are even 5 different multi-adjustable ergonomic nose pad designs for optimized comfort and perfect fit. In order to enhance and increase scratch resistance, a high-tech nano coating has been added to every frame.

What is the Lindberg rim collection?

The air titanium rim collection embodies the LINDBERG design DNA, with wire frame glasses in contemporary design. A modern and fashionable take on rimless eyewear.

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