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Why is my Samsung S6 edge battery draining fast?

Why is my Samsung S6 edge battery draining fast?

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drains quickly. Between the moment you bought your Samsung Galaxy S6 and now, it is very likely that you are fed up of constently recharging your smartphone because of the battery that no longer lasts.

Why is my Samsung edge battery draining so fast?

Faulty Application: It is possible that a certain application on the mobile phone might be causing the battery drain by running in the background and even using the data while doing so. Also, if a certain application has stored a lot of cache on the device, it can also use up the battery rapidly.

How do you reset the battery on a Galaxy S6 edge?

Hold the Power Button, Home, and Vol Up and you will see the samsung logo appear, let go of the home button and hold on to the power and vol . up button until you see the Android Mascot. Run the factory reset. After resetting, let your phone charge to 100% and stop charging it until you runs the battery dry.

How do I make my battery last longer on my Galaxy S7 edge?

Tips for extending your battery life

  1. When you are not using the phone, switch to sleep mode by pressing the power key.
  2. Activate power-saving mode.
  3. Close any apps that aren’t in use.
  4. Deactivate Bluetooth and WiFi when you’re not using them.
  5. Deactivate auto-syncing of apps that require syncing, such as email.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge battery draining so fast?

The most consuming applications According to the AVG (Anti-Virus Guard) report on applications downloaded to Android devices such as your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, it reports that applications such as ChatON, Facebook, WhatsApp or even Google Maps are part of the 10 applications that quickly drain your device’s battery.

How do I check battery health on S6 edge?

Review any high or unusual battery drain.

  1. Apps. Settings.
  2. Review the Battery history graph. The Battery percentage graph displays the estimated remaining battery life.
  3. Tap the. Battery Usage button.
  4. From the ‘Past and Predicted Usage’ section, review the graph.
  5. Review the ‘Recent battery Usage’ section.

How can I test my phone battery?

You can check your Android phone’s battery status by navigating to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage.

Why is my phone battery dying so quickly?

A lot of things can cause your battery to drain quickly. If you have your screen brightness turned up, for example, or if you’re out of range of Wi-Fi or cellular, your battery might drain quicker than normal. It might even die fast if your battery health has deteriorated over time.

Why is my phone losing battery so fast?

How much does it cost to replace S6 edge battery?

Galaxy S6 and S6 edge battery replacement costs $45 and can be done in one business day.

How do I know if my battery is healthy?

Open the phone app and enter *#*#4636#*#*. This will open a “Testing” menu that may include a “Battery information” section. You’ll see the battery health listed here.

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