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Who scored 2000 points in a season?

Who scored 2000 points in a season?

Surprisingly, neither Jordan nor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the record for most 2,000-point seasons, an honor that goes to Karl Malone with 12. Jordan accomplished the feat 11 times, while Abdul-Jabbar is tied with LeBron at nine.

Who has the most points and assists in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the most career points + rebounds + assists, with 61,487. Not what you’re looking for?

Who was the youngest MVP?

On this day 11 years ago, Derrick Rose became the youngest player to win the MVP award in NBA history at just 22-years-old. During his MVP campaign, Rose averaged 25.0 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 7.7 assists per game in 81 games for the Chicago Bulls, helping lead them to a league-best 62-20 record and the No.

Has anyone had a quintuple-double?

Tamika Catchings was the first player ever to record a quintuple-double.

Did Wilt Chamberlain have a quintuple-double?

Wilt Chamberlain, on March 18th, 1968, completed the only quintuple-double in NBA history.

Is LeBron eligible for scoring title?

LeBron James ends bid for historic scoring title; Lakers rule him out for rest of season to rehab ankle injury. LeBron James will miss the remainder of the season rehabbing a sprained left ankle he suffered in a recent game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Los Angeles Lakers announced Friday.

Who is the all time assist leader?

John Stockton
John Stockton is the all-time assists leader of the National Basketball Association with a total of 15,806 assists in his career.

Can LeBron pass Kareem?

Games needed to pass Abdul-Jabbar: 49 James will enter the 2022-23 season projecting to need 49 games to pass Abdul-Jabbar’s record. In 2021-22, the Lakers’ 49th team game came on Jan. 27. Because he missed time due to injury, James didn’t play his 49th game until March 13.

Has a rookie won MVP?

1. Wilt Chamberlain, NBA Center, 1959-60. Rookie of the Year, first-team All-NBA, MVP.

Did Wilt ever get a quintuple-double?

Back in 1968, Wilt Chamberlain put up a once-in-a-lifetime type performance as he recorded the only quintuple-double in NBA history.

Did Wilt ever get a quadruple-double?

Quadruple doubles in NBA history. According to several unofficial box scores of the time, Wilt Chamberlain recorded 3 quadruple doubles in the playoffs in the 1960s. Blocks and Steals were not officially kept by the NBA until 1972, so while these quadruple doubles may have happened they are not official.

Who was the closest to a quintuple-double?

The closest to the quintuple-double was from the great Hakeem Olajuwon, and as impressive as his night was on March 3rd, 1990, it wasn’t even that close. It wasn’t even a quadruple double. Even though it was the nearest statline to 5×10, it was still 5 steals and one assist short.

Who was guarding wilt when he scored 100?

Darrall Imhoff
Wilt was playing against the New York Knicks, a team that entered the game with a 27-45 record and would go on to occupy the second-worst spot in the standings. Willie Naulls and Richie Guerin were the biggest names of that putrid bunch, but the man guarding Wilt was Darrall Imhoff.

Who won 2022 scoring?

Joel Embiid
Scoring Title Tracker Update: April 10, 2022 Joel Embiid is the 2021-22 NBA scoring champion.

How many times did Jordan win the scoring title?

Michael Jordan holds the record for most scoring titles (10) and 18 players have won more than one scoring title in league history: Jordan, Chamberlain, George Mikan, Paul Arizin, Neil Johnston, Bob Pettit, Abdul-Jabbar, Bob McAdoo, George Gervin, Adrian Dantley, O’Neal, Iverson, McGrady, Bryant, Durant, Westbrook.

What is Michael Jordan’s highest scoring game?

April 20, 1986: Boston Celtics 135, Chicago Bulls 131 (2OT) What’s more, Jordan’s 63-point masterpiece may have come in a double-overtime loss, but it also came against what some would consider the best team of all time.

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