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Who is Adriene Mishler partner?

Who is Adriene Mishler partner?

Chris Sharpe
Mishler started posting yoga videos under the name “Yoga With Adriene” on YouTube in 2012 as part of a project with her business partner, Chris Sharpe, whom she met on the set of a horror film.

How old is Yoga With Adriene Benji?

about five years old
Benji is a blue heeler and he is about five years old, judging by the fact that he was a puppy in 2014. He features in almost all of Adriene’s videos – usually asleep or actively obstructing her ability to execute whatever routine it is she is teaching – and he is a very chilled out type of guy.

How old is Adriene Louise yoga?

Caption Options. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, 37-year-old Mishler trained as an actor before founding Yoga With Adriene in 2012 with her business partner, Chris Sharpe, and her blue heeler, Benji, who often joins her on screen as the channel’s unofficial mascot.

Is Adriene Mishler Hispanic?

Biography. Mishler was born in Austin, Texas, into an “artsy family”. Her mother is of Mexican descent. Her father is Jewish.

Does Yoga With Adriene have a husband?

Adriene Mishler is the fantastic yogi and teacher of Yoga with Adriene. We’ve been friends for about 10 years and my husband Chris is her production partner for the yoga channel.

Is Adriene Mishler vegan?

I eat 99% vegan these days. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole adult life. I prefer to lay off dairy and fish. Mainly, whole unprocessed foods and plant-based recipes work for me and are better for mama Earth.

What nationality is Adriene Mishler?

AmericanAdriene Mishler / Nationality

Who is Adriene Mishler’s mother?

Melba MartinezAdriene Mishler / Mother

How does Adriene make money?

Adriene’s focus is on accessibility; yoga for all. You could question the altruism – as with any personality on YouTube, she earns revenue from her well-watched channel (the analytics firm Social Blade puts the brand’s annual earnings at up to £284,000).

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