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Who dies in season 9 finale Chicago Fire?

Who dies in season 9 finale Chicago Fire?

As a result, Anna feared for her life despite Voight’s insistence that he’d protect her, her son, and get her into witness protection. But we soon learn that a distrusting Anna escaped police protection and killed Escano at his bakery.

Who dies in Chicago Fire finale?

‘Chicago Fire’ dog Tuesday died ahead of the show’s season 10 finale. EW has reached out to representatives for the show for more information on Tuesday’s death.

Which cast member is leaving Chicago Fire?

Jesse Spencer departed Chicago Fire after a decade on the NBC series in October, and there are plans for his character Matt Casey to return this season for the finale. The news was revealed last week by executive producer Derek Haas during One Chicago Day.

Does Chief Boden resign?

During his 10 seasons on the show, Chief Boden has built 51 into a family and is very much seen as a father figure on the show. However, he will shortly be taking on the role of Chicago Fire Department’s Deputy District Chief and will no longer be able to work from Firehouse 51.

Who does Kelly severide end up with?

Chicago Fire wrapped up its 10th season with the wedding fans have been eagerly anticipating for several years now: Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are officially man and wife.

Who does Severide end up with?

Brittany Baker
In Season 3, while still mourning over Shay’s death, Severide takes a trip to Las Vegas and meets Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan), a graphic designer, at the craps table. They marry and she moves in with Severide, shocking his colleagues and Chief Boden.

Who does Kelly marry in Chicago Fire?

Do Casey and Brett get together?

The Season 10 finale didn’t end on the best note for the couple. Stellaride officially committed to each other for life when they finally got married during Chicago Fire’s Season 10 finale.

Is Brett pregnant in Chicago Fire?

According to Fansided’s One Chicago Center, Kara Killmer is not currently pregnant. Rumors about a potential pregnancy for the actress have been going around, but it’s unclear where those rumors began. The character she plays on Chicago Fire isn’t currently expecting a baby or even facing a pregnancy scare either.

Does Boden become a dad?

Stopped in their tracks, Donna gives birth to their son, Terrance Boden, in the back of the truck. Boden excitedly tells his wife of they are now a family.

Does Wallace leave Chicago Fire?

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like there’s any indication Boden is leaving the firehouse. The beginning of the season showed how his new position might take him away from Firehouse 51, but his return brought great relief to fans.

Does Brett end up with Casey?

Who does Kelly Severide end up with?

Who does Cruz end up with?

Later in Chicago Fire Season 8, Cruz marries Chloe Allen. She gives birth to their son in season 10 and they name him Brian after Otis.

Is Brett pregnant on Chicago Fire?

Who does Brett end up with on Chicago Fire?

Does Casey and Brett get together?

Does Brett have a baby with Antonio?

No, Brett is not pregnant. The character merely told Kidd that she was going to be traveling to visit Casey and was excited to see him after several months apart. There’s nothing to suggest that she is keeping her pregnancy a secret, nor are there any clues to foreshadow a potential future pregnancy.

Who does severide end up with?

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