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Where is Baxter Dury from?

Where is Baxter Dury from?

Wingrave, United KingdomBaxter Dury / Place of birthWingrave is a village in Buckinghamshire, England, about four miles north east of Aylesbury and three miles south west of Wing.
The civil parish is called Wingrave with Rowsham within Buckinghamshire district and incorporates the hamlet of Rowsham.
Wingrave is twinned with La Bouëxière in France. Wikipedia

Who was Ian Durys father?

William George DuryIan Dury / Father

Who was Ian Dury married to?

Sophie Tilsonm. 1996–2000
Elizabeth Rathmellm. 1967–1985
Ian Dury/Spouse

What was Ian Dury’s disability?

Born May 12, 1942, in Upminster, Essex, Dury was afflicted with polio at the age of seven, which left him with a shriveled hand and leg.

Who is Baxter Dury dad?

Ian DuryBaxter Dury / Father

Who is in Baxter Dury’s band?

Vixen artisans, Madeline Hart and Leslie Bourdin, provide the perfect pop lustre while the rest of Dury’s band could have easily sat behind Mark E. Smith from 81 to 89.

Where is Ian Dury from?

Harrow, United KingdomIan Dury / Place of birth

What is the meaning of the song Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick?

Ian Dury had been nursing a song called “Rhythm Stick” for two years. “Hit Me” was a catchphrase he and the band had been chanting on the street throughout their recent US tour. By amalgamating the two phrases he generated the lyric for the follow-up to the band’s “What a Waste” single.

Which singer had polio as a child?

Singer-songwriters Joni Mitchell and Neil Young also had polio.

What is the meaning behind the song Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick?

Songfacts®: It is well known that the Ian Dury song “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” was inspired by his disability; Dury was born in Harrow in May 1942 (not Essex as he would claim early on in his music career), and contracted polio when he was seven years old.

How did Ian Dury catch polio?

At the age of seven, Dury contracted polio, most likely, he believed, from a swimming pool at Southend-on-Sea during the 1949 polio epidemic.

What happened to the Sulphate Strangler?

He died in a police cell in Bournemouth, which is where he was from. They all knew him there, but he must have died of a heart attack or something in the night.

What does Ian Dury look like now?

Musician Ian Dury today lost his long battle against cancer. Dury, 57, who is best remembered for his song Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, had suffered from cancer of the liver. He died this morning.

Where did Ian Dury go to school?

Walthamstow College of Art
Royal College of ArtRoyal Grammar School
Ian Dury/Education

Why did Ian Dury use a walking stick?

Although unlike Michael Flanders of the Flanders & Swann duo who suffered the same fate six years earlier, Dury was not confined to a wheelchair, his body was still deformed by the disease, and he used a walking stick for the rest of his life.

Who played sax on Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick?

Davey Payne
David Stanley ‘Davey’ Payne (born 11 August 1944 in Willesden, London) is an English saxophonist best known as a member of Ian Dury’s backing band The Blockheads, and for his twin saxophone solo on their 1978 UK No. 1 single “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick”.

Are there any polio survivors still alive?

The World Health Organization estimates that 10 to 20 million polio survivors are alive worldwide, and some estimates suggest that 4 to 8 million of them may get PPS.

Who is the most famous person to have polio?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States. Not only did he serve an unprecedented four terms in office, but he was also the first president with a significant physical disability. FDR was diagnosed with infantile paralysis, better known as polio, in 1921, at the age of 39.

Who played guitar on Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick?

1 – ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ Play-Through This video is a full demonstration of Norman Watt-Roy’s fantastic bassline on the classic Ian Dury & The Blockheads song ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’.

Is Ian Dury and the Blockheads still alive?

He was the lead singer of Ian Dury and the Blockheads and before that of Kilburn and the High Roads….

Ian Dury
Died 27 March 2000 (aged 57) Upminster, London, England
Genres New wave punk rock post-punk funk disco pub rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, actor
Instruments Vocals, drums

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