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Where are the casting numbers on Ford FE heads?

Where are the casting numbers on Ford FE heads?

The casting number is on the right (passenger) side of the block, in the front. FE (330-428 SCJ) note: nearly all FE blocks have 352 cast on the front of them.

How do I identify a Ford cylinder head?

Ford’s part number convention generally follows the format of a four-digit casting code, followed by a four-digit basic part number, which will be “6090” for a cylinder head, followed by the revision version.

How do I identify my Cobra Jet heads?

The casting number, C8OE-6090-N, can be found in the recessed area between the middle two spark plugs as shown in the picture below. If the casting number is questionable, check the number of bolt holes on the exhaust manifold face for additional identification assistance (428 CJ heads should have sixteen bolt holes).

How do I identify a Ford big block head?

The casting number (bottom arrows) is almost never the same as the Ford part number. The alphanumeric casting date code of “0E6” (top arrow) indicates the exact date the part was cast: May 6, 1960. The real beauty of Ford big-block heads is easy identification and broad selection in each engine family.

How do you tell a 390 from a 427?

The 390 has a 4.05″ bore and a 3.78″ stroke. good low end torque motor. The 427 has a 4.23″ bore and a 3.78″ stroke.

How do I identify a Cobra Jet engine?

Look at the cylinder’s bolt pattern. The 428 Cobra Jet engine has a unique, 16-bolt pattern exhaust face. It will also have a chamber of 73 to 76 cc that was rough cast, making it less accurate than if it had been machined.

What makes a Super Cobra Jet?

The 428 Super Cobra Jet version was offered as a Drag-Pack option. It utilized a shaker hood scoop, temperature decreasing engine oil cooler, modified crankshaft, and stronger connecting rods for high-end revving. The powerful engine was backed by a four-speed manual transmission that fed into a limited-slip rearend.

What is the most powerful big block?

It delivers incredible power, and it does it on pump gas.” The Big Block V-8 reaches peak power at 6,600 rpm and revs to a recommended maximum of 7,000 rpm….Chevrolet Performance ZZ632/1000.

Chevrolet Performance ZZ632/1000
Bore x Stroke 4.60 x 4.75 in
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Power 1,004 hp @ 6600 rpm

How much can you bore out a Ford 390?

A 390 is 4.050″ . 075″ over makes it 4.125″ that is stock fot 406 and 428. Standard bore on a 406/428 is 4.130″ not 4.125″. I’ve seen alot of 65-70 390 blocks go 4.13″ and some go 4.15″.

Are GT40 heads better than GT40P heads?

GT40 vs GT40P, which are better? Really, when you get down to it, neither head is any measurable difference better than the other. The GT40P does have a slight edge over the GT40 cylinder head because of its smaller chamber volume. The smaller combustion chamber can net a bit more compression, but only marginally.

How much horsepower do GT40P heads add?

While we’ve seen engine dyno tests performed with GT-40P heads replacing factory E7TE castings and resulting in a boost of more than 25 hp, we have reluctantly set our horsepower gain goal at 25 ponies, as well.

How do you identify a Cleveland closed chamber head?

There is D0AE, D1AE, D1ZE, and D3ZE. -73 (D3ZE) and up have smaller valves. To determine if its a closed chamber 4V you can pull the valve cover and read the date code. This isnt a exact ID, but if the date code is 9xx or 0xx you have closed chamber heads.

How do you tell a 428 from a 390?

The 390 has a stroke of 3.78″ and the 428 has a stroke of 3.98″. So what they are saying is, any mouth breather that goes by the name of Toyota Man can slap a badge on something and call it what it is not. The easy way to do it, is with the spark plug removed and use a rod to measure the stroke, like bkaul said.

Did Ford make a 429 Cobra Jet?

With a 4.36-inch bore and shorter 3.59-inch stroke than the 460, the 429-cu-in Cobra Jet promised at least 370 hp thanks to its snappy 11.3:1 compression ratio, and it became the go-to power plant for the late-’60s Fords.

Is there a 429 Cobra Jet engine?

Cobra Under Your Hood Rather than re-engineer the stock head completely, the 429 Cobra Jet simply offered larger valves and ports, a higher compression ratio (11.3:1), and a number of other hardware upgrades to support an advertised 370hp rating (along with the ubiquitous 450 lb-ft of torque).

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