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What year is S-Works Tarmac SL4?

What year is S-Works Tarmac SL4?

2012 S-Works Tarmac SL4 Whether it’s winning the Tour de France or a local crit, the next generation of Tarmac—the SL4—was born to race, with head-snapping acceleration and razor-sharp handling.

What year is specialized SL4?

Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 Road Bike – 2014 This version shaved weight but managed to boost stiffness. It features internal cable routing, FACT full monocoque carbon fork with tapered steerer and Shimano Dura-Ace components.

Is specialized the same as S-Works?

The difference is in the frame. The S-Works bikes use a different carbon lay-up. The S-Works frames are lighter and stiffer. Also they come with ceramicspeed BB as standard.

What does specialized s work mean?

Specialized S-works Bikes as a Standard So, anything that falls below standards are never included in the body of an s-works bike.

When did the Specialized Tarmac SL4 come out?

In the short time since it was launched back in 2004 it’s been ridden to stage wins in all the Grand Tours, thanks to the likes of Levi Leipheimer, Paolo Bettini and Mario Cipollini. The first ever Tarmac, instantly recognisable for its arched top tube, was made from aluminium with a carbon top tube.

What year was tarmac SL5?

This £2,800 machine is based around the existing Tarmac SL5 frame, launched in 2014 when disc brakes were still an emerging technology.

What year is my specialized bike?

Once you’ve located your specific model and year in the online archive, click on the “Geometry” tab located under the photo of your bicycle. This will show you the geometry chart for your specific model and year in accordance with all of the sizes the bicycle came in.

How do I identify my specialized bike?

For bikes, the serial number is located on a sticker on the underside of your toptube and/or downtube as well as on the underside of your bike, underneath the bottom bracket. Specialized serial numbers typically start with the prefix “WSBC,” “WUD,” “STT,” or “STE.”

Why is it called S-Works?

As stated above s-works is the name that spesh now use for there top of the range models. It originally comes from spesh paying homage (or coping) lockhead martin’s skunk works where they design and manufacture there top secret aircraft.

When was S-Works introduced?

One man and a bike Established in 1974, the brand began life as an importer of Italian cycling components, an irony that probably isn’t lost on an Italian luxury bike market that’s struggling to compete with Specialized’s top tier of race frames today. It also began with just one man.

How much does a specialized Tarmac weight?

Low rolling resistance, incredible grip, and a supple ride in a handmade tire that weighs just 220 grams and features BlackBelt puncture protection.

What is the difference between Roubaix and Tarmac?

The Tarmac is a “road racing bike” while the Roubaix is an “endurance bike.” Road racing bikes are designed for, you guessed it, road racing. These are the type of bikes you’ll see pro cyclists ride in big races like the Tour de France.

When did the tarmac sl6 come out?

Since 2014 this bike has dominated the Grand Tours, delivered Peter Sagan into the rainbow stripes and amassed over 200 professional victories. California-based Specialized believe each evolution of the Tarmac – there have been six since it launched in 2009 – has been the very best it could possibly be.

What is a tarmac bike?

The Tarmac is made for racing. It’s not an aero bike built to beat the wind, nor a featherweight climber to take on the mountains, nor a supple endurance chassis to smooth out the cobbles – it’s a machine made for competing, anywhere and everywhere.

How do I look up a Specialized bike serial number?

What year is my Specialized bike?

We will not be able to tell you this information with only the serial number. If you do not know the model and year of your bicycle, you will need to find it manually via the photos in the online archive.

Where are S-Works bikes made?

“I can’t afford a real S-Works. The replicas are just as good.” “They’re all made in the same factory in China.” “It’s the same mold.”

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