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What is zip code of Mumbai Worli?

What is zip code of Mumbai Worli?

Worli is one of the prominent residential localities in South Mumbai, and its PIN Code is 400018.

What city code is 022?

STD & PIN Codes

SRNo. Taluka STD Code
1 Andheri 022
2 Borivali 022
3 Kurla 022

Which state STD code is 22?

22 – Mumbai, Maharashtra.

What is the STD number of Mumbai?

STD Code : 022

Pincode Post Office
400005 Colaba
400006 Malbar Hill
400007 Grant Road
400008 Mumbai Central

What is Mumbai number?

Mumbai is the capital of the Maharashtra region of India, and is located near to the cities of Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Rajkot. The Mumbai area code is 022. For example, to call the Mumbai number 12345678 from United States you would dial 011912212345678.

What area code is 226?

226 is the area code for Kitchener, and it is among the many area codes used in the province of Ontario in Canada right now. Geographically, Kitchener is located in the southwestern region of Ontario, so this area code is assigned to residents in that region. The other area code assigned to this region is 519.

How do I call a mobile from a Mumbai landline?

Check out the details on how to dial Mumbai:

  1. Start off with 011 — the U.S. and Canada exit code.
  2. Next, dial 91— the India country code.
  3. Then, enter 22 — the Mumbai area code (for landlines only).
  4. And finally, the 8-digit Mumbai landline number or 10-digit cell number when you want to call Mumbai mobiles.

Which country code is 226?

Burkina Faso Country
Burkina Faso Country Code 226 – Worldometer.

Is the PIN number of Mumbai?

The metropolitan is located in the western region of India, and the PIN code of Mumbai is 400001.

What area code is 240?

Area codes 301 and 240 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the western part of the U.S. state of Maryland. The numbering plan area (NPA) comprises Maryland’s portion of the Greater Washington, D.C. metro area, portions of southern Maryland, along with rural western Maryland.

Is 226 a cell number?

Who calls 020 numbers?

020 is the national dialling code for London in the United Kingdom.

How can I call 020 from India?

To call United Kingdom from India, dial: 00 – 44 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 44 – 10 Digit Mobile Number.

What is the number of Mumbai?

The Mumbai area code is 022.

Which city STD code is 020?

STD & PIN Codes

Location STD Code Pincode
Tahsil Haveli 020 411021,411023
Tahsil Pimpri-Chinchwad 020 411044
Tahsil Maval 02114 410506
Tahsil Mulshi 020,02139 412115

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