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What is the ticket price of Worlds of Wonder Noida?

What is the ticket price of Worlds of Wonder Noida?

Worlds of Wonder will provide you with one of the most thrilling experiences which you can ever have….Ticket Price for WOW Water Park.

Category Weekdays Weekends
Children Rs.999/- (90cm -129cm) Rs.999/-(90cm -129cm)
Adult Rs.1450/-(130cm and above) Rs.1450/-(130cm and above)
Senior Citizen Rs.999/- Rs.999/-

Is Wow Noida Open in Covid?

Yes, Worlds of Wonder is open on Monday. Both the water park and amusement park are open on Monday.

How many rides are open in wow?

The amusement park World of Wonder has more than 20 rides & water parks have more than 15 rides. These unique and amazing slides offer you an unforgettable experience at Worlds of Wonder.

Is Wow Open in Noida 2022?

About Worlds of Wonder World of Wonder – WoW, Noida Welcomes you All, Online Tickets Prices and Booking Available for Year 2022.

What do you wear to a water park?

We recommend wearing something like a t-shirt and comfortable shorts will keep you cool and also enjoy the beautiful city side view of waterpark from your cabana. Water shoes are flexible and made with mesh material for enhanced breathability, which helps keep feet cool.

Is Snow World Open in Noida?

Snow World open from 11:00 am to 09:15 pm all days in week, Entry ticket fee Rs 799.

What is cost of water park ticket in Delhi?

Adults – ₹500 (Mon-Fri) and ₹600 (Sat-Sun and Holidays) Couples – ₹1000 (Mon-Fri) and ₹1200 (Sat-Sun and Holidays) Stags (Boys) – ₹800 (Mon-Fri) and ₹900 (Sat-Sun and Holidays) Children (above 2.9 ft.

What is the fee of Adventure Island Rohini?

Spring Offers (Online and Offline booking)– Unlimited tickets at flat rate of INR 449 per person (Weekdays) and INR 499 per person (Weekends). Senior Citizen tickets will remain same at the price of INR 350 per person.

What should I bring to waterpark?

13 Items to Take to a Water Park

  1. Goggles to Help You See Through the Surf.
  2. A Strap to Keep Your Specs in Place.
  3. A Water-Safe Camera to Snap Underwater Selfies.
  4. Earplugs That Stay Put.
  5. A Mildew-Resistant Wet-Dry Bag for Fuss-Free Storage.
  6. An Easy-to-Carry Cooler to Keep Your Beverages Cold.

Can you wear shoes to a water park?

You can wear water shoes or sandals to walk around the park, but for your safety you will be asked to hold them when you go on the attractions. Water shoes or sandals can catch on the slide on your way down, causing possible injury.

Is phone allowed in Snow World?

The cost of Camera usage will be Rs 50/- Cameras/mobiles are not allowed inside snow City, however, the camera is allowed on payment of specified charges.

Is Mobile allowed in Snow World?

Visitors are not allowed to take camera or mobiles inside so one cannot click any photos inside the snow world. Warm clothes, gloves and other necessary things to keep you warm are provided at the venue itself. All the snow produced at the Snow world is made up of mineral water.

Is Appu Ghar open?

Appu Ghar is open throughout the week. You can visit this amusement park at any time from 12 noon to 8 in evening. A minimal amount of fee is also charged for entering.

Is Science Museum Delhi ticket price?

INR5 – INR60 ⋅ Science Centre, Delhi / Tickets

How should I dress for a water park?

A Handy Guide for What to Wear to a Water Park

  1. Wear a swimsuit.
  2. Wear something comfortable.
  3. Check the restrictions beforehand.
  4. Pack extra clothes (and a beach towel!)
  5. Try a rash vest.
  6. Wear flip flops.
  7. Don’t forget the sun cream.

Are water parks full of germs?

Summer is approaching, meaning that Americans across the country will seek relief at water parks. However, water parks are full of germs, potentially dangerous, and can be just as crowded as amusement parks on their worst days.

Is snow world Open in Noida?

What is the entry fee for snow world?

Its timings are from 11 am to 9 pm. Snow world ticket price is Rs. 450 for adults and Rs. 250 for Children.

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