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What is the purpose of a Cultimulcher?

What is the purpose of a Cultimulcher?

A cultipacker or cultimulcher is used after a field has been plowed and disked. The purpose of the cultipacker is to crush clods and firm the soil surface. In doing so, it levels the ground, eliminates large air pockets and prepares the field for planting.

What are Cultipackers used for?

Packer MAXX cultipacker implements help with overall food plot performance by increasing seed to soil contact, increasing germination rates, increasing soil moisture retention and providing a well prepared seed bed.

Are Cultipackers worth it?

Cultipacking is especially important when you are planting small-seeded crops like clover, alfalfa, chicory, and brassicas, because it ensures consistent seed-to-soil contact across the entire food plot while minimizing the number of seeds that are planted too deeply.

How much is a cultipacker?

Our Price: $3,241.06 Everything Attachments 8′ Cultipacker, with Category I & II clevis type hitch and 15″ smooth wheels Free shipping within 1,000 miles!

Who makes Cultimulcher?

8′ Cultimulcher – Pioneer Equipment Inc.

What can I use instead of a cultipacker?

ATV, side x side or tractor tires work well but is a little time consuming. A lawn roller will do in a pinch.

How heavy is a cultipacker?


Size Overall Width Shipping Weight
48″ 60.5″ 646 lbs.
60″ 72.5″ 720 lbs.
72″ 84.5″ 856 lbs.
84″ 96.5″ 980 lbs.

Does food plot seed expire?

Some seeds will germinate and grow for up to 5 years after the date they came from the field. And, at the price of quality food plot seed, it’s worth a second look. It depends upon what kind of seed it is, how it was cared for, and how it was stored.

Do food plots work?

Food plots certainly have their place, and they can produce some excellent results. Trouble is, they don’t produce results in many of my hunting situations. In fact, the majority of the food plots I’ve planted – and, I’d wager, many that you’ve planted too — were an utter waste of resources.

What is broadcasting method of planting?

In agriculture, gardening, and forestry, broadcast seeding is a method of seeding that involves scattering seed, by hand or mechanically, over a relatively large area.

What does broadcast mean in planting seeds?

So, what is broadcast seeding? Well, it basically means to scatter or place the seeds on the ground, quite close together. The opposite to this method would of course be to make individual little holes for one or a small number of seeds in each spot.

What is a field cultivator?

Field Cultivators are used for pre-plant weed control as well as incorporating residues and preparing a seed bed. They have a rigid frame with several rows of S-tines or C-shanks attached in staggered fashion, fitted with sweeps or shovels.

What is subsoiler used for?

A Frontier Subsoiler (US CA) is a simple tool that will break up that hard packed soil beneath the surface, helping eliminate standing water by letting the water drain away, giving you a better managed, better producing pasture.

What is a perennial plot?

Perennial food plots provide consistent nutrition throughout the year and with proper maintenance can last three to five years or more. Clovers are predominately the perennials Gamekeepers refer to, however alfalfa and chicory are also important great perennials depending on your location.

Should I Cultipack before seeding?

Conventionally tilled soil should be disked finely and cultipacked prior to planting and then packed again after planting. Press wheels on a grain drill can also work. For alfalfa, packing ensures both proper seeding depth and seed-to-soil contact.

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