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What is the MSDS of the chemical HCl?

What is the MSDS of the chemical HCl?

Inhalation may cause irritation to nose and upper respiratory tract, ulceration, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Higher concentrations cause tachypnoea, pulmonary oedema and suffocation . Ingestion may cause corrosion of lips, mouth, oesophagus and stomach, dysphagia and vomiting.

What are 4 things listed on a MSDS?

What information is on the MSDS?

  • Product Information: product identifier (name), manufacturer and suppliers names, addresses, and emergency phone numbers.
  • Hazardous Ingredients.
  • Physical Data.
  • Fire or Explosion Hazard Data.

What is hydrochloric acid used for?

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is commonly used for the neutralization of alkaline agents, as a bleaching agent, in food, textile, metal, and rubber industries. It is neutralized if released into the soil and it rapidly hydrolyzes when exposed to water.

What is the hazard code for hydrochloric acid?

Chemical Identifiers

CAS Number UN/NA Number DOT Hazard Label
7647-01-0 1789 Corrosive
NIOSH Pocket Guide International Chem Safety Card
Hydrogen chloride HYDROGEN CHLORIDE

Do you need MSDS for all chemicals?

Almost every hazardous chemical will require Safety data sheets ( SDS ). SDS have important safety information about hazardous chemicals that can help keep your workers safe. If you supply, use or store hazardous chemicals, you must keep copies of the SDS in your workplace.

What is MSDS PDF?

2.1 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) are documents prepared by the manufactures/ suppliers of the chemicals and contain information on physical and chemical properties of the material, potential hazards of the material and how to work safely with these materials.

What is hydrochloric acid used for on skin?

Hyaluronic acid supplements can help increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Topical treatments can soothe redness and dermatitis, while injections can make skin appear firmer.

What does hydrochloric acid do to human skin?

Skin exposure to low concentrations of hydrogen chloride gas or hydrochloric acid causes erythema and inflammation of the skin whereas high concentrations can cause severe chemical burns to the skin and mucous membranes.

What are the safety precautions for hydrochloric acid?

Wear a chemical-resistant apron, chemical-resistant gloves and chemical splash goggles at all times when handling HCl to protect your eyes and skin. Concentrated hydrochloric acid is toxic if inhaled, so avoid breathing it in and always handle it while under a fume hood.

How do I create a MSDS sheet?

They must be written in English and contain:

  1. the name of the chemical (same as on the label)
  2. the chemical and common names of the substance.
  3. a listing of the ingredients.
  4. a statement of the ingredients that are known carcinogens or that present other known hazards.
  5. any specific hazards.

Do all products have MSDS?

Safety data sheets are an essential component of product stewardship, occupational safety and health. However, they are not required for every product or material. OSHA only requires safety data sheets (SDSs) for hazardous products or chemicals.

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