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What is the antonym of incentivize?

What is the antonym of incentivize?

What is the opposite of incentivize?

deter discourage
disincentivize dishearten
depress demoralizeUS
bore dispirit
dissuade daunt

What is the meaning of Incentivisation?

Definition of incentivize transitive verb. : to provide with an incentive would incentivize employees with stock options.

What is the synonym and antonym of incentive?

Some common synonyms of incentive are goad, impulse, inducement, motive, and spur. While all these words mean “a stimulus to action,” incentive applies to an external influence (such as an expected reward) inciting to action.

What is a synonym for incentivize?

Words related to incentivize encourage, motivate, boost, excite, stimulate, actuate, energize, galvanize, impel, incite, innervate, inspire, lead, move, propel, rouse, tap.

Is it incent or incentivize?

To incentivize (or incentivise outside North America) is to motivate using the expectation of a reward. A late-20th-century coinage, the word was originally voguish business jargon, but it has caught on more broadly in this century.

Will it be incentivized?

incentivize | Business English to make someone want to do something, such as to buy something or to do work, especially by offering prizes or rewards: incentivize sb to do sth They incentivized workers to adopt the less expensive health care plan by giving more paid vacation.

Is it incentivize or incentivise?

What does disincentive mean in business?

disincentive | Business English something that makes a person or organization less willing to do something: A culture of corruption is a disincentive to investment and trade. serve as/act as a disincentive High severance costs can act as a disincentive to hire new workers.

What is the synonym for insensitive?

In this page you can discover 77 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for insensitive, like: inconsiderate, impassible, tactless, unfeeling, impassive, insentient, insensate, asleep, uncaring, philistine and callous.

What is the use of incent?

Incent definition (US) To provide an incentive to (a person or organization). We need to incent people to innovate more. (US) To provide an incentive for (something).

Is it incense or incent?

Incense is singular. Incent is not a word. Neither is incenses.

Is it Incented or incentivized?

It would be incentivized. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, incentivize is a valid verb meaning “to provide with an incentive.” Incentivized is kind of a letdown.

Is Incentify a real word?

“Incentive” is a noun which refers to “something that incites or has a tendency to incite to determination or action”. Over the years, the business world coined the terms ‘incentivize’ and ‘incentify’ to mean an external reward system that is put in place to encourage action.

Is Disincentivization a word?

verb (used with object), dis·in·cen·tiv·ized, dis·in·cen·tiv·iz·ing. to discourage or deter by removing incentives: The expiration of tax credits will disincentivize future participation in the energy-efficiency program.

Is there such a word as incentivise?

verb (used with object), in·cen·ti·vized, in·cen·ti·viz·ing. to give incentives to: The government should incentivize the private sector to create jobs.

Is incentivise a new word?

The Oxford English Dictionary traces its first use to 1968, in Britain, where it followed British spelling as “incentivise.” Its first American use was not until 1980, in Time magazine; The New Yorker used it in 1987 (in a sentence with “Betamax,” which has long since disappeared from the language).

What is disincentive in economics?

Report defines an economic disincentive as a monetary charge levied by government on conduct which is not illegal but which does impose social costs, for the principal purpose of discouraging the conduct.

What is a financial disincentive?

This indicator measures the percentage of earnings lost to either higher taxes or lower benefits when a jobseeker returns to work after two months of unemployment. Calculations refer to a person with two children whose partner works full-time at 67% of the average wage.

What is the opposite of insensitivity?

Opposite of showing or feeling no concern for others’ feelings. sensitive. compassionate. sympathetic. tender.

Is incentivize a real word?

The word incentivize is one of those noun-to-verb words formed by adding the suffix-ize. Its first cousin is prioritize. The word incentive is a perfectly good noun. The word incent has only one redeeming feature: it’s shorter. Good writers avoid these words. Use motivate or encourage or provide incentives.

How to pronounce incentivize?

disincentivize something The aim is to disincentivize illegal immigration.

  • Do higher taxes disincentivize work?
  • disincentivize somebody from doing something You have to disincentivize them from breaking the law.
  • What is the opposite of incentivize?

    Antonyms for incentivized include deterred, discouraged and disincentivized. Find more opposite words at!

    What does incentivized really mean?

    incentivise. vb. ( tr) a. to provide (someone) with a good reason for wanting to do something: why not incentivize companies to relocate?. b. to promote (something) with a particular incentive: an incentivized share option scheme.

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