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What is special about Yui Komori?

What is special about Yui Komori?

Yui has a cheerful and optimistic personality, but can also be somewhat naive. She can be oblivious to certain things and indecisive when making certain decisions. Yui seems to be very determined and strong-willed in the worst scenarios and doesn’t mind any mean comments thrown her way by any of the vampires.

What blood type is Yui Komori?

Her blood type is O. It’s unknown what happened to her biological parents or if they are still alive. Yui’s the first character to be adopted, the second are her love interests out of the Mukami brothers.

How old is Yui Diabolik Lovers?

Main characters Yui is the heroine of the Diabolik Lovers series. She is a beautiful, kind, gentle, and clumsy 17-year-old student, who used to live with her father, a priest, who owns his own church.

Who is the father of Yui Komori?

Seiji Komori
Seiji Komori (小森 セイジ Komori Seiji) is the adoptive father of Yui and a friend/acquaintance of the Sakamaki family.

Who is Yui Komori mother?

Rin (リン Rin) is the biological mother of Yui Komori. She is the former maid of the noble Inoue family and the ex mistress of the head of the Inoue family Hotoke Inoue.

What is Yui Komori birthday?

June 21
Her birthday is on June 21. Her zodiac sign is a Cancer.

How did Diabolik Lovers end?

No.01 – Vampire Ending He reveals to Yui that he’s the one who killed his own mother and that he’s the one responsible for her awakening.

Does Yui Komori have a child?

Yui and her son, Hayato, are invited to it. Both to get Yui’s two daughters back and for Hayato to finally meet his father.

Why did Ayato kiss Yui?

Ayato becomes increasingly uncomfortable and then tries to shut her up by kissing her. Ayato is content to just have her beside him but Yui wishes to save him. She wants to break his obsession with her and make him believe in her when she says that she loves him.

What episode does Yui stab herself?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop. The episode starts from the ending of the previous episode after Yui stabs herself.

Who is Yui Komori sister?

Diabolik Lovers – Mira Komori (Yui’s Sister) – Miyako-san – Wattpad. Mira Komori was no ordinary child ever since she was born, for she was gifted with having beauty, radiant power and sweet blood, which is more sweeter than Yui’s.

Who is the main hero in Diabolik Lovers?

Yui Komori Yui is the main character of the series. She used to live with her father, a priest who owned his own church, until he had to move elsewhere for work.

How did Diabolik lovers end?

What happens at the end of Diabolik lovers more blood?

After the Mukami brothers were attacked by wolves, the Sakamaki brothers are attacked as well. They fight off the wolves despite their injuries. The Sakamaki brothers reach a conclusion that the Founders are behind the attacks and they’re after Yui Komori.

Will there be a s3 of Diabolik Lovers?

Season 3 of Diabolik Lovers is out now Three different themes are featured in the anime, including the opening theme “Mr. SADISTIC NIGHT is sung by Hikaru Miorikawa and Kousuke Toriyama, who play the roles of Shuu Sakamaki or Ayato Sakamaki.

Who is the nicest character in Diabolik Lovers?

1st ー SAKAMAKI SHUU (2676 votes)

  • 2nd ー SAKAMAKI SUBARU (2539 votes)
  • 3rd ー SAKAMAKI KANATO (1797 votes)
  • 4th ー MUKAMI RUKI (1617 votes)
  • 5th ー SAKAMAKI AYATO (1590 votes)
  • 6th ー SAKAMAKI LAITO (1306 votes)
  • 7th ー MUKAMI YUMA (1304 votes)
  • 8th ー SAKAMAKI REIJI (1048 votes)
  • Why does Ayato call Yui pancake?

    The Japanese used is 乳なし so yeah, it should be “no breasts”, but context wise in sentences it would sound weird. They could have gone for “breastless”. Not sure why they made it Pancake (because pancakes are flat too I guess?), but they prolly made it that to avoid insults. It’s an insult after all.

    What is the ending of Diabolik Lovers?

    Is Kino a Sakamaki?

    He is mistakenly under the assumption that he is a vampire and Karlheinz’s illegitimate son. Kino has a servant named Yuuri, who is a ghoul that was once his childhood friend. Out of the Sakamaki brothers, his favorite is Ayato, although he likes to annoy him. Kino calls himself “Onii-chan” when he speaks with Ayato.

    Who is the strongest vampire in Diabolik Lovers?

    Kou Mukami.

  • Azusa Mukami.
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