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What is SMS Wikipedia?

What is SMS Wikipedia?

SMS (Short Message Service) is a text messaging service component of most telephone, Internet, and mobile device systems. It uses standardized communication protocols that let mobile devices exchange short text messages. An intermediary service can facilitate a text-to-voice conversion to be sent to landlines.

What is the best SMS website?

The 10 Best Sites to Send Free Text Messages to Cell Phones (SMS)

  1. TextEm. TextEm lets you send free text messages, but you first need to create an account.
  2. SendSMSnow.
  3. OpenTextingOnline.
  4. txtDrop.
  5. Send Anonymous SMS.
  6. TextEmNow.
  7. Globfone.
  8. Textport.

Who invented SMS?

Matti Makkonen, who helped to launch the worldwide sensation of texting, has died at the age of 63 after an illness. Makkonen became known as the father of SMS after developing the idea of sending messages via mobile networks.

What SMS means?

Short Message Service
SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting. It’s a way to send text-only messages of up to 160 characters between phones. Play video.

Does WhatsApp use SMS?

WhatsApp has also been central to its parent company’s push in the last few years to offer more secure enclaves for users. WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted by default, whereas texts sent across different operating systems (namely from iOS to Android) are sent via SMS.

Is there a free SMS service? allows you to send free text messages to any mobile phone.It can send the message to any server and location. It is an easy way to send free SMS messages from desktop and you need to register before you start using the services.

How can I send SMS without mobile number?

There are 3 simply ways to send a text without using a cell phone:

  1. 1 – Send Texts Through a Free Website Service. There are MANY websites that will send an text message without registering or going through any hoops.
  2. 2 – Email to Text.
  3. 3 – Use Google Voice to Send Text Messages.

Who is SMS father?

Matti Makkonen
Matti Makkonen, known as the father of short message service (SMS), passed away on Friday at the age of 63 following serious illness, Finnish language daily Ilkka reported. A Finnish national, Makkonen, developed the idea of sending messages via mobile networks.

When was first SMS sent?

Dec. 3, 1992
The first text message was transmitted Dec. 3, 1992. Engineer Neil Papworth typed “merry Christmas” on a computer and sent the first SMS message to the cellphone of Vodafone director Richard Jarvis.

What is an SMS phone number?

For most consumers, their “SMS phone number” is simply their mobile phone number. With the growing awareness that SMS communication holds a global and growing share in the communications market, however, various entities have been adopting “Short Codes” to generate revenue in exchange for value-added services.

Are SMS safe?

SMS messages aren’t encrypted, meaning the contents of each text message are viewable to mobile carriers and governments, and can even be intercepted by organized and semi-skilled hackers. That means even if you’re using SMS to secure your online accounts using two-factor authentication, your codes can be stolen.

Why do I need SMS?

It’s a protocol used for sending short messages over wireless networks. Unlike many services in use today, such as MMS and other data-driven instant messaging services, SMS still works on the fundamental voice rather than the data part of the wireless network.

How safe is SMS?

If you send a standard SMS/MMS text message through your cellular provider, for example, it is not encrypted and sent over open networks — making it easy for criminals to intercept the data. Your provider can see the contents of messages you send and receive, and that information is stored in their systems.

What is the danger in using WhatsApp?

By calling people through WhatsApp, hackers figured out that they could infect phones with spyware called Pegasus. Pegasus enabled hackers from remote locations to gain access to everything in the infected phone. That’s the content of messages and files to data about that phone’s location.

What is full name of SMS?

short message serviceSMS / Full name
The full form of SMS is Short Message Service. It is essentially a structured protocol of interaction which is used among mobile platforms to share text messages.

Does SMS use Internet?

Sending text via SMS allows you to communicate in areas with poor or no internet because SMS does not require data to send texts. Its 160-character limit makes messages short and concise. It is cheaper, almost free since most mobile network carriers offer free texting plans.

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