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What is GoTalks?

What is GoTalks?

GoTalks are battery powered augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) devices used by people who can not communicate well by speaking. Another person (a classmate, sibling or friend, for example) records messages – any messages the user will likely need, in any language, dialect or accent.

How do I uninstall go talk 9+?

To erase level, press and release the record button on the back of the device. Push the Change Level button to the level you want to erase. Insert a pen point or paper clip into the pinhole (Erase Level) on back of unit. This will erase the entire level.

How do you edit on Go talk now?

Changing the Voice

  1. From the Home screen, tap Page Editor.
  2. Tap on a blank or existing button.
  3. Tap Action: TTS.
  4. Tap Voice, then select a Voice.
  5. Tap Preview to hear the voice.
  6. Tap anywhere on the screen to exit Action: TTS menu.

What is go talk 9 communication system?

Attainment’s new GoTalk 9+ is a lightweight, rugged, powerful and portable communication tool, like all GoTalk devices. Use it for augmentative communication and curriculum enrichment! It is powerful with 45 possible messages – nine message keys each with five distinct levels.

How much is go talk now?

Product Features:

Product Name Price
GoTalk NOW APP-GTN-07W $100.00

What is GoTalk design?

The new GoTalk DESIGN app lets you create overlays for all of your GoTalk AAC devices. GoTalk DESIGN also includes templates to create standalone communication boards or cards and personal planning documents like calendars, daily planners, and lists.

How do I add icons to go talk?

Tap the label space next to the page title to add an icon image. Images are available from the GoTalk Image Library, through an Internet search, from the iPad Photo Library, or from a new photo taken with the iPad camera.

How much is go talk now app?

How much is a go talk?

The GoTalk Extended Service Plan extends the GoTalk Standard Warranty to five years and includes free return shipping for defective devices….Product Features:

Product Name Price Qty
GoTalk 9+ with GoTalk DESIGN GT-S09W $269.00 Out of stock
GoTalk 9+ Extended Service Plan GT-09ESP-W $59.00 Out of stock

Where can I buy GoTalk?

They can also be purchased on the following website, and Alternatively, please call us on 1800 GOTALK (1800 468 255) (charges may apply) to find your nearest retailer.

What is go talk now?

Go Talk Now combines the effectiveness of an AAC devices with the dynamic features of an iPad to deliver a 21st century AAC device. Go Talk Now offers a variety of fully customizable pages, a text-to-speech option, a full gallery, and a cloud option to save templates.

How do I edit my go talk app?

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