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What is frafra potatoes?

What is frafra potatoes?

Frafra Potato is a small herbaceous crop grown yearly mostly in the northern parts of Ghana, especially the Upper West and East regions where it serves as a food security crop during the lean season.

Can potatoes grow in Ghana?

The Frafra potato is an old indigenous crop grown in many parts of northern Ghana. Its production has over the years declined but it is still a delicacy in many homes when it is in season in November and December.

Can you grow potatoes in Africa?

Potatoes are grown under a wide range of conditions – from irrigated commercial farms in Egypt and South Africa to intensively cultivated tropical highland zones of Eastern and Central Africa, where it is mainly a small farmer’s crop.

Can Irish potato grow in Ghana?

Most of the fresh vegetables required in Ghana can be grown in the country, with the exception of Irish potatoes and other vegetables which require cool temperature conditions.

What vegetables grow well in Ghana?

The vegetables most commonly grown in Ghana are: tomato, onion, shallots, okra, eggplant (garden-eggs), sweet pepper, carrots, cabbage, chili pepper, and hot pepper. These vegetables find a ready market, in the all areas of the country (urban area, rural areas and foreigners).

Is potato farming profitable in South Africa?

Starting a potato farming business in South Africa is a very profitable business venture. Potatoes are a strategic food security crop owing to their richness in starch. This makes them very important because carbohydrates are an essential element of a balanced diet.

Can Irish potato grow in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, Plateau State is the major producers of Irish potatoes. Other places with high altitudes are Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State and Obudu, Cross River State. Irish potato can grow well during harmattan when the North is generating cold.

Is broccoli grown in Ghana?

In value terms, the Netherlands, Belgium and France constituted the largest cauliflower and broccoli suppliers to Ghana, with a combined 88% share of total imports. These countries were followed by Germany, Spain and Denmark, which together accounted for a further 9.5%.

What is pricking of yam?

In this method of milking or sometime referred to as topping or pricking, the seed yam is one of a cluster of small tubers which develops after the growing vine has been severed from the main tubers towards the end of the growing season (see [16]).

What are Ghanaian fruits?

The Ultimate Guide To Fruits In Ghana

  • Banana. Ghana is one of the three countries in Africa who have preferential trading of bananas to the European Union, so the banana trade in Ghana is ever-growing.
  • African Pear.
  • Noni Fruit.
  • Soursop.
  • Papaya.
  • Jackfruit.

Does broccoli grow in Ghana?

How much does it cost to start a potato farm in South Africa?

Production costs for potatoes under irrigation range from R160 000/ha and R22 000/ha, while under dryland conditions it is R70 000/ha to R90 000/ha. Setting up a packhouse could cost between R2,5 million and R5 million.

Which province produces the most potatoes in South Africa?

Potato production The major potato producing areas in South Africa are the Limpopo (19%), the Western Free State (16%), the Sandveld area (15%) and the Eastern Free State (11%). These four regions represents ± 61 % of total potato production in the country.

Where can I buy Irish potatoes in Nigeria?

In Nigeria Plateau State are the major producers of irish potato. Other places with high altitudes are; Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State, Obudu, Cross River State.

How many types of potatoes do we have in Nigeria?

And all these varieties of potatoes are combined into 7 categories: a red-brown appearance, red, white, yellow, a special kind of cyan / magenta, oblong in the shape of fingers and “miniature”. Potatoes are grown for two purposes: for sale and for food.

What is spinach called in Ghana?

Common name Scientific name Local name (Ghanaian)
African spinach, Amanranthus Amaranthuscruentus L. Twi/Akan: Srahansoe, Nantwibin, Nantwinkasee, Asantewa, Asibe Ga: Awsaumei, Dan, Anago mio Krobo/Ga Adangbe: Aleefu Ewe: Matonui, Moxeti, Senutsoe, Fotete, Awusagbe ***Kasem: Aleefu

What are indigenous vegetables in Ghana?

Vegetables are an important source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for rural dwellers in Ghana….Traditional vegetables in Ghana.

Species Plant family Common name
Abelmoschus esculentus Malvaceae Okro or okra
Allium ascalonicum Amarylidaceae Shallot
Capsicum anuum Solanaceae Pepper
Colocynthis lanatus Cucurbitaceae Watermelon

What is the purpose of pricking?

‘Pricking out’ your seedlings is a term that means transplanting them. The reason you have to do this is to help your plant move on from ‘seed’ stage to ‘growing on’ stage, where it will require a bigger pot or cell.

What is the purpose of pricking out?

‘Pricking out’ means separating out seedlings growing together and transferring them into their own plugs or pots of potting mix. Start pricking out as soon as the seedlings are big enough to handle. Fill plug trays or pots with good quality all-purpose potting mix.

What is soursop called in Ghana?

It has many names in many different languages but it is commonly known as soursop. In Ghana, as with many other foods, there is a very interesting name for this fruit. ”Aluguintuguin” is so popular in Ghana not only for it’s taste and nutritional benefits but also because of the uniqueness of the name itself.

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