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What is an MOE Part 145?

What is an MOE Part 145?

The purpose of the maintenance organisation exposition (MOE) is to identify the procedures, means and methods of the approved EASA 145 organisation. An up to date and effective MOE is crucial to maintaining a valid organisational approval.

What are the basic requirements for Part 145 organisations?

A Part-145 organisation holding a B rating approval on a particular engine type and having in its approved scope of work NDT inspections for this engine type. This organization needs to have “engine” certifying staff (qualified in accordance with company procedures) and NDT personnel qualified in accordance with 145.

What is the difference between CAMO and came?

CAMO is the organisation and CAME is a “book” that need to write. This “book” contain procedure to explain how you will work (how you communicate with aircraft customers, how you manage your docs, etc…). Highly active question.

What is MOE in EASA?

Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) that defines the requested scope of approval and the procedures to which they will adhere to in order to meet the requirements of Part 145.

What is an MOE for MRO?

The list of an MRO Organization’s Capabilities is detailed on a fundamental Quality document, the so called MOE (Maintenance Organisation Exposition), including a list of all employed Technicians with their valid Licenses.

What are the basic requirements for Part 145 Organisations?

What is an AMO in aviation?

Information notes: (i) In these standards, “the person responsible for maintenance” means the person appointed by the holder of an approved maintenance organization (AMO) certificate under section 573.03(1)(a) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Does part CAMO replace Part M?

The new Annex Vc ‘Part-CAMO’ will supersede the current Subpart G of Annex I (Part-M) to align with the general authority and organisation requirements adopted in the other domains (Aircrew, Air Operations, ADR, ATM/ANS).

How many parts does Moe have?

The MOE typically covers four main parts: The management MOE covering the parts specified earlier. The maintenance procedures covering all aspects of how aircraft components may be accepted from outside sources and how aircraft will be maintained to the required standard.

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