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What does Tilly mean in Scotland?

What does Tilly mean in Scotland?

hillock, knoll
Other Gaelic place name elements which have a wide distribution in Scotland include kil- (Gaelic cill ‘church, churchyard’), tully or tilly- (Gaelic tulach, ‘hillock, knoll’) and knock (Gaelic cnoc, ‘hill’).

Is Scotland Nordic or Celtic?

Celtic languages

Nation Celtic name People
Wales Cymru Welsh (Cymry)
Brittany Breizh Bretons (Breizhiz)
Isle of Man Mannin, Ellan Vannin Manx (Manninee)
Scotland Alba Scottish (Albannaich)

What does Dal mean in Scottish place names?


Place-Name Element: dal–
Meaning: 1. Brittonic dol ‘haugh, holm’
2. Brittonic dol ‘church-land’
3. Gaelic dail ‘haugh, holm’
4. Scots dale ‘share, portion’

What does Auch mean in Scotland?

Interjection. och. (chiefly Scotland, Ireland) general interjection of confirmation, affirmation, and often disapproval.

Do Scots have Viking DNA?

Vikings are still running rampant through Scotland as, according to the researchers, 29.2 per cent of descendants in Shetland have the DNA, 25.2 per cent in Orkney and 17.5 per cent in Caithness. This compares with just with 5.6 per cent of men in Yorkshire carrying Norse DNA.

What does Auch mean in Scots?

What does Inver mean in Scotland?

meeting of the waters
‘Inver’ meaning meeting of the waters. Examples of these are Inverness and Inverkip. ‘Tigh’ meaning house. Examples are Tighnabruaich and Tyndrum. ‘Dun’ meaning fortress or castle.

What is an Irish kiss?

Combine the Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, ginger beer and orange juice in an ice-filled glass. Garnish with the lime wheel, and serve.

Are Irish and Scottish the same ethnicity?

Ireland and their Scottish cousins could have more common ancestry than previously thought. The study determined that Scotland is divided into six “clusters” of genetically similar populations.

What does Auch mean in Scottish?

What does dun mean in Dundee?

The name “Dundee” is made up of two parts: the common Celtic place-name element dun, meaning fort; and a second part that may derive from a Celtic element, cognate with the Gaelic dè, meaning ‘fire’.

What is a Liverpool kiss?

Liverpool kiss (plural Liverpool kisses) (UK, Australia, New Zealand, slang) A headbutt.

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