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What does it mean to do something with diligence?

What does it mean to do something with diligence?

diligent \DIL-uh-junt\ adjective. : characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort : painstaking. Examples: After many hours of diligent research, the students were ready to compile their results. “Being informed and diligent is a better investing strategy than no strategy at all.

What is the real meaning of diligence?

Definition of diligence (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : steady, earnest, and energetic effort : devoted and painstaking work and application to accomplish an undertaking : assiduity showed great diligence in tracking down the story He had earned universal respect for his integrity, fairness, and diligence.— John L. Sanders.

What are examples of diligence?

Performing with intense concentration, focus, responsible regard. The definition of diligent is hard working and done with painstaking effort. An example of diligent is a worker who always stays late to get projects done on deadline. An example of diligent is the artist who paints each strand of hair on a portrait.

What is good diligence?

The quality of being diligent; constant, careful effort; perseverance. (law) The degree of attention or care expected of a person in a given situation. Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking; steady effort; assiduity.

What is diligent behavior?

Diligence. Diligence is steadfast application, assiduousness and industry—the virtue of hard work. It is one of the seven heavenly virtues. Diligent behaviour is indicative of a work ethic — a belief that work is good in itself.

Why is being diligent important?

The habit of being persistent and making hard-working effort in your work or duties may be a painful activity, but, undergoing a significant change it brings you impressive achievements eventually. Not only does it cause you to achieve your goals but it also makes a favorable impression on others.

Who is a diligence person?

constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything: a diligent student. done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking: a diligent search of the files.

How do you show diligence in everyday life?

How to become diligent

  1. Create a burning desire to achieve a goal. It has been observed that people who work diligently are the ones who love their work.
  2. Gain clarity of purpose.
  3. Commit to what you do.
  4. Don’t overburden yourself with work.
  5. Adopt a thorough approach.
  6. Surround yourself with task-oriented people.

What is diligent attitude?

1 careful and persevering in carrying out tasks or duties. 2 carried out with care and perseverance.

What is the value of diligence?

The value of diligence means persevering determination to perform a task; conscientiousness.

Is being diligent a good thing?

Is diligence an attitude?

A diligent attitude is going the extra mile and being deeply immersed in your work. It is one of the 27 research-proven attitudes that allow innovators to succeed.

How do you develop diligence?

What do diligent people do?

Diligent comes from the Latin diligere, which means “to value highly, take delight in,” but in English it has always meant careful and hard-working. If you’re a diligent worker, you don’t just bang away at your job; you earnestly try to do everything right.

Why being diligent is important?

Is diligence a good thing?

How do you say someone is diligent?


  1. active,
  2. assiduous,
  3. bustling,
  4. busy,
  5. employed,
  6. engaged,
  7. hopping,
  8. industrious,

Why is diligence important in a person?

Why should we have diligence?

It is particularly important in a business acquisition. The investigation will aim to uncover any hidden liabilities or potential problems with the target business. Due diligence helps to improve the quality of information available to buyers which then contributes to informed decision making.

How do you show diligence?

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