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What did Mr. Brocklehurst call Jane?

What did Mr. Brocklehurst call Jane?

Calling Jane an “interloper and an alien,” Brocklehurst attempts to place Jane back into the inferior, outsider position she occupied at Gateshead.

How did Mr. Brocklehurst humiliate Jane?

Brocklehurst’s presence, he is furious and tells her she is careless. He orders Jane to stand on a stool while he tells the school that she is a liar, and he forbids the other students to speak to her for the rest of the day.

What does Brocklehurst represent in Jane Eyre?

Both Gateshead and Lowood work as models of Victorian society, but Brocklehurst in particular represents a form of religious doctrine that Jane instinctively rejects. His faith is all hell-fire and brimstone, he oppresses the children under his care with an extreme Evangelical zeal.

How is Mr. Brocklehurst presented in Jane Eyre?

Mr Brocklehurst is the supervisor of Lowood School. He is mean, vindictive and enjoys making the girls quiver in his presence. He enjoys the power he has and enjoys doling out punishments. Brocklehurst wants the pupils of Lowood School to be modest and pious and he cruelly restricts their food rations.

What is unfair about Mr. Brocklehurst treatment of Jane?

His treatment of Jane is unfair for many reasons. He heard all of those things from Mrs. Reed who didn’t really like Jane in the first place, he has never actually seen Jane act like that, and he hasn’t been at the school watching her behavior.

Why does Brocklehurst call Jane a liar?

Brocklehurst; ‘it is akin to falsehood, and all liars will have their portion in the lake burning with fire and brimstone.” Jane was severely humiliated at Lowood by standing on a stool and being called a liar by Mr. Brocklehurst.

How does Mr. Brocklehurst punish Jane?

He told the teachers to punish Jane’s body to make her a good person. 6. Brocklehurst said Jane must stand in front of the whole school for another half hour.

How is Mr. Brocklehurst described in Chapter 7?

Mr. Brocklehurst enjoys wealth and comforts while the girls suffer. He would “starve the body to save the soul,” but doesn’t practice what he preaches. The haircuts show how the girls are denied their feelings and individuality.

How does Mr Brocklehurst influence Jane?

Mr. Brocklehurst negatively impacts Jane by imposing his beliefs on her. He also informs her that she will go to Hell if she does not enjoy reading the Bible. He calls her deceitful, which he says is “a sad fault in a child” and “is akin to falsehood”, and as a result her life will be damned.

What does Mr Brocklehurst promise Jane?

Reed declares that her niece is a liar, and Brocklehurst promises to alert the other members of the school to Jane’s deceitful nature. Jane resents Mrs.

How does Mr. Brocklehurst influence Jane?

How is Mr. Brocklehurst presented in Chapter 4?

Mr Brocklehurst’s interrogation of Jane reveals him to be harsh and cruel and guided by intense religious beliefs. To Jane’s childish eyes he reminds her of the wolf in the fairy story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’: ‘what a great nose! and what a mouth! and what large prominent teeth!

What is Mr. Brocklehurst attitude towards children?

Brocklehurst’s Calvinist attitude towards children as unregenerate beings. In both these views, childhood was seen as little more than a preparation for adulthood, with little value as a period in the lives of individuals.

What does Mr. Brocklehurst give Jane before he leaves?

As he leaves, Mr. Brocklehurst gives Jane a book called the Child’s Guide, full of stories about sinful children who die unpleasantly. He tells her to read the story about Martha, who is a liar.

What does Mr. Brocklehurst say to Miss Temple about the burnt porridge?

‘Oh, madam,’ Mr. Brocklehurst implores her, ‘when you put bread and cheese, instead of burnt porridge, into these children’s mouths, you may indeed feed their vile bodies, but you little think how you starve their immortal souls!’

What does Mr. Brocklehurst promise Jane?

Why is Mr. Brocklehurst important?

Why is this chapter important? The character of Mr Brocklehurst is used to introduce the theme of religion. Brocklehurst embodies many of the qualities that Jane recognises as hypocritical, particularly in those who claim to have strong religious beliefs.

What did Mr. Brocklehurst say about Jane to the students and teachers of Lowood?

Mr Brocklehurst tells everyone at Lowood School that Jane is a liar. “A careless girl!” said Mr. Brocklehurst, and immediately after—“It is the new pupil, I perceive.” And before I could draw breath, “I must not forget I have a word to say respecting her.” Then aloud: how loud it seemed to me!

Who is Mr Brocklehurst in Jane Eyre?

Mr. Brocklehurst is a minor antagonist in Charlotte Bronte’s literary classic “Jane Eyre” although he plays a minor role in the book itself, and only makes two appearances (and five mentions) his dramatic characterization leaves both a lasting impact in the characters and the reader.

What happens to Mr Brocklehurst at the end of the novel?

However, following a break of Tuberculosis, which leads to the deaths of half the students, Mr. Brocklehurst finally meets his comeuppance, as a public investigation reveals all his mistreatment.

How does Jane Jane describe Mr Brocklehurst’s view of Lowood?

Jane identifies the contrast of what Mr. Brocklehurst teaches or demands of the girls at Lowood with how he and his family live. Mr. Brocklehurst’s opinions show how his view varies between social classes. He can live extravagantly, but poor orphaned children must live strict, simple, and plain lives.

What does Mr Brocklehurst protest about Jane’s hair?

Terrible irony that Jane always telling the truth and following a strict moral guide, but she gets punished by a Society full of lying and deceit. Mr Brocklehurst protests about a girls “Red hair, ma’am, curled – curled all over?” AO2 AO2 “Curled” “red” hair is a viewed by Brocklehurst as an expression of personality and individuality.

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