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What did Brer Rabbit get in the briar patch?

What did Brer Rabbit get in the briar patch?

He mixed it with some turpentine, and fixed up a contraption that he called a Tar-Baby. He put a straw hat on the Tar-Baby and sat her in the middle of the road, then hid in the bushes to see what would happen.

Who threw Brer Rabbit into the briar patch?

Br’er Fox wanted to hurt Br’er Rabbit as bad as he could, so he took Br’er Rabbit by the legs and threw him right smack into the middle of that briar patch. He heard a lot of rustling and crackling when Br’er Rabbit landed, and he waited around to see what terrible thing was going to happen.

What does don’t throw them in the briar patch mean?

Using the phrases “please don’t throw me in the briar patch” and “tar baby” to refer to the idea of “a problem that gets worse the more one struggles against it” became part of the wider culture of the United States in the mid-20th century.

What is the moral of the story of Brer Rabbit?

Br’er Rabbit is showing us that if we’re not strong we better be smart. He got himself into this pickle but is clever enough to see that fighting the situation will only make matters worse. He will only get more tar on him and Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear are so much stronger.

What were the Brer Rabbit stories really about?

Key Themes and Symbols. The stories of Brer Rabbit are generally trickster tales and involve Brer Rabbit getting himself into trouble through his own selfishness or mischievous nature. He must then use his cleverness to get himself out of trouble.

Who does Brer Rabbit represent who does the fox represent?

the slave owner
Even in The Tar Baby, Brer Rabbit outwits Brer Bear and Brer Fox, who represent the slave owner. Brer Rabbit, the ”trickster,” is the slave. The retelling of these stories in strong dialect gave the slaves a chance to relieve their frustrations, aggressions and to have a good laugh at the expense of their owners.

What is Brer short for?


Acronym Definition
BRER Board on Radiation Effects Research (National Academy of Sciences)

Do rabbits like briar patches?

Rabbits love briar patches for many reasons. The thorny plants provide excellent cover for rabbits. Airborne predators like hawks and owls avoid flying into the thorny tangles.

What does the tar baby represent?

Today, the term “tar baby” is interpreted by many as a racial slur, and politicians have gotten in trouble for using it. But in its original context, it was a metaphor for a sticky situation that got worse the more one tangled with it.

What does the phrase Tar-Baby mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary mentions tar baby as “a contemptuous term for a black person”, and the subscription version also mentions “a derogatory term for a Black (U.S.) or a Maori (N.Z.)”.

Was Uncle Remus real?

Uncle Remus is the fictional title character and narrator of a collection of African American folktales compiled and adapted by Joel Chandler Harris and published in book form in 1881. Harris was a journalist in post-Reconstruction era Atlanta, and he produced seven Uncle Remus books.

What does tar baby say?

Tar-Baby, she ain’y sayin’ nuthin’, en Brer Fox, he lay low. “`Tu’n me loose, fo’ I kick de natal stuffin’ outen you,’ sez Brer Rabbit, sezee, but de Tar-Baby, she ain’t sayin’ nuthin’.

What plants attract rabbits?

Plant their favorites — clover, lettuce and carrots. Avoid planting vegetables they do not like, such as potatoes, corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. Plant berry bushes, such as blackberries and raspberries, as rabbits feed on the bark of the woody vegetation during the winter, including white oak, sumac and dogwood.

What can I plant for a rabbits habitat?

A mixture of legumes and grasses (timothy grass and orchardgrass), along with tall native grasses such as switchgrass provide food and cover throughout the spring and summer.

What is the moral of Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby?

He will then decide to teach the Tar Baby a lesson and by doing so get stuck in the sticky tar when he tangles with it and get caught. And so it happens. The moral of this story? battle is worth fighting for.

What is the moral of the story Brer Rabbit?

Where did the term jungle bunny come from?

According to the OED, it was first quoted as offensive Australian slang in the Sunday Times in 1973, and it clearly slipped easily into British vocabularies. In the 1970s, one of the UK’s top showjumpers, Lionel Dunning, even christened a new horse Jungle Bunny.

Is Uncle Remus politically correct?

Despite its message of interracial brotherhood, Song of the South still is not politically correct enough by modern standards. Even though the film takes place after the abolition of slavery, political correctness demands that blacks living at that time in America (and especially in the South) be portrayed as victims.

What does the phrase tar baby mean?

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