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What are YNOT Awards?

What are YNOT Awards?

The YNOT Cam Awards seeks to honor performers who manage this complex forefront of society and culture.

Who owns YNOT festival?

In 2016 it was sold to Global Radio’s festival division, Broadwick Live, along with Truck Festival and the rest of Broadbent’s company (Count of Ten) portfolio.

Is YNOT festival still on?


How old is y Not festival?

Y Not Festival celebrates its 15th edition 2022 will see Y Not celebrate its belated 15th anniversary in these beautiful surroundings, once again inviting festival-goers to dance and laugh their way through an unforgettable weekend at one of the UK’s most intimate and personal festivals.

What is CAM award?

The Career Awards for Medical Scientists (CAMS) is a highly competitive program that provides $700,000 awards over five years for physician-scientists, who are committed to an academic career, to bridge advanced postdoctoral/fellowship training and the early years of faculty service.

Is ynot Cancelled 2021?

Y Not Festival 2021 has been cancelled for the second year running due to uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic.

Why is it called Truck festival?

“We used a truck for a stage, but that’s not where the name comes from,” he smiles. “It actually comes from the name of a record I had – the soundtrack of the movie Convoy, called Ten Trucking Greats. I liked the Americana feel of the name, and it stuck – even before we knew we’d have a truck as a stage!”

Where is the Why Not festival?

Pikehall, Derbyshire
Y Not Festival | 29th – 31st July 2022 | Pikehall, Derbyshire.

Is ynot 2021 going ahead?

Y Not Festival has become the latest UK festival to cancel its 2021 event due to continued concerns around COVID-19 restrictions.

Can you take alcohol into Y Not Festival?

Alcohol can be brought into the campsite at the festival, but it cannot be brought into the arena. Each person (over 18) can bring alcohol for themselves, but not other people.

Do you have to camp at Y Not Festival?

Yes. All tickets include Weekend Camping. Unless you have purchased a Glamping Ticket or Campervan you will need to bring your own tent.

What date is Truck Fest 2021?

Truckfest Original | 2 & 3 October 2021 | Amazing Truck Show.

When was the first truckfest launched?

Dates 5–6 May (Peterborough) 17–18 Aug (South East) 5–6 Oct (Original)
Location(s) Peterborough, United Kingdom
Years active 1983–present
Founders Live Promotions Events Ltd

When did Y Not Festival start?

August 4, 2006Y Not Festival / First event date

Why has Y Not Festival been Cancelled?

A festival has been called off for a second year, with organisers blaming a lack of clarity from the government over insurance and pilot schemes. Y Not Festival, which is normally held in the Derbyshire Peak District, was due to take place from 29 July to 1 August.

Can you take dogs to Y Not festival?

We have 24/7 security and stewards who are there for your protection. There are also sniffer dogs on site all weekend long. Their purpose is to keep the festival safe so that everyone can enjoy the festival as much as possible. Please co-operate with them.

Can you take alcohol into Y Not festival?

Can you resell Y Not tickets?

Save as set out in paragraph 13 below, Tickets are strictly non-transferable and must not be sold or offered, exposed or made available for sale, or transferred or otherwise disposed of.

Why is it called truck Festival?

Where is truckfest 2022?

Truck Festival2022 Truck Festival / Location

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