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Is Thomas Gray a romantic poet?

Is Thomas Gray a romantic poet?

Thomas Gray is transitional poet. He showed his merit between the Neo-Classical and Romantic Age. Thus his position as a classic and as a precursor of Romanticism is established. It is said that he began his career as Classicist but ended as a Romantic poet.

What is the writing style of Thomas Gray?

His poem Elegy on a Country Churchyard is universally seen as the highest achievement of eighteenth-century Classicism, as well as a major precursor and inspiration to the style of Romanticism and Gothic writing.

What are the characteristics of Thomas Gray’s poetry?

Gray is regarded by many as a “pre-Romantic” because his poetry signals a shift from the characteristics of the Augustan age with its public focus, heroic couplets, and satire to the Romantic age with its focus on private thoughts, lyrical poems with alternating rhyme schemes, and exploration of the self.

Why is Thomas Gray called the transitional poet?

Gray is considered as a transitional poet because he introduced in his poetry some of the new themes that were to characterise the Early Romantic Age. Two of the most relevant are: the simple country life and humble village people.

Is Tennyson a Victorian poet?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, was the leading Victorian poet in England. His poetry is remarkable for its metrical variety, rich imagery, and verbal melodies.

Who are pre Romantic poets?

The best pre-Romantics poets were Thomas Gray and Robert Burns. The most important figure of the first generation of Romantic poets were: William Blake, William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. They are characterized in general by the e emphasis of “the self” and it’s relationship with the nature.

What is transitional poem?

The transitional poetry marks the beginning of a reaction against the rational, intellectual, formal, artificial and unromantic poetry of the age of Pope and Johnson. It was marked by a strong reaction against stereotyped rules. The transitional poets derived inspiration from Spenser, Shakespeare and Milton.

What characteristics of Romanticism are found in the poem Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard?

Some characteristics of Romanticism in the poem “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” include a natural and isolated setting, an appreciation for ordinary life, and a focus on the speaker’s emotional response.

What is transitional age English literature?

The second half of the eighteenth century is known as a transitional period. It was an era of change from pseudo-classicism to romanticism. The decline of party spirit and the democratic upsurge exercised great influence both on life and literature.

Who were the transitional poets of 18th century?

The following poets are called as the ‘Transitional poets” or “Precursors of Romanticism”. They are – Bishop Percy, Robert Burns, James Thomson, Oliver Goldsmith, Thomas Gray, Thomas Chatterton, James Macpherson, William Collins, William Cowper, William Blake, and George Crabbe.

What is Victorian era poetry?

Victorian poetry refers to the verses composed during the reign of Queen Victoria in English (1837-1901). This period was marked by tremendous cultural upheaval. There were a drastic change and development in the form of literature, art and music.

Who is the poet of the Victorian age ‘?

The preeminent poet of the Victorian age was Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Although romantic in subject matter, his poetry was tempered by personal melancholy; in its mixture of social certitude and religious doubt it reflected the age.

What is pre-Romantic period?

Pre-Romanticism Pre-Romanticism is a cultural movement in Europe from about the 1740s onward. It succeeded Neo- Classicism and preceded and presaged Romanticism which officially began in 1798 with the publication of “The Lyrical Ballads” by Wordsworth and Coleridge.

What period was before the Romantic period?

the Enlightenment
The Romantic movement in literature was preceded by the Enlightenment and succeeded by Realism. Some authors cite 16th-century poet Isabella di Morra as an early precursor of Romantic literature.

What is transitional period in literature?

What is the genre of Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard?

Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” belongs to the genre of elegy.

What is the theme of elegy?

An elegy is a poem that reflects upon death or loss. Traditionally, it contains themes of mourning, loss, and reflection.

Why is Augustan age called neoclassical age?

Neoclassicism provided the basis for the Augustan school of writing which dominated the 18th century literature. The Augustans were so called because they compared their period to that of the Emperor Augustus in ancient Rome, a period of political stability, splendour and tranquillity.

What is Victorian Age in English literature?

The Victorian period of literature roughly coincides with the years that Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain and its Empire (1837-1901). During this era, Britain was transformed from a predominantly rural, agricultural society into an urban, industrial one.

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