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Is there any secret place in GTA San Andreas?

Is there any secret place in GTA San Andreas?

Area 69 is one of the most hilariously-titled areas in San Andreas, with an intense mission taking place in this location as well. Given that this location is bound to have some major government secrets, it’s only a given that the area surrounding Area 69 would also have some major secrets of its own.

What are the cheat codes for GTA San Andreas PS3?

GTA San Andreas cheat codes: PS2/3/4 Health, Armor, and Money: R1, R2, L1, X, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. Infinite Ammo: L1, R1, SQUARE, R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE, DOWN, L1, L1. Infinite Health: DOWN, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R1, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, TRIANGLE.

What is the cheat to unlock all houses in GTA San Andreas?

Press the following buttons in this order: “R1,” “R2,” “L1,” “X,” “Left,” “Down,” “Right,” “Up,” “Left,” “Down,” “Right” and “Up.” A confirmation message will appear on the screen if you were successful.

How can I impress my girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

How do I make a girlfriend in GTA SA? Type the cheat for sex appeal, or work to increase sex appeal: work out, have lots of money, have a good car, wear good clothes, have lots of muscles and have expensive tattoos and haircut.

What is the big secret in GTA San Andreas?

1) Shooting the moon with a sniper rifle will change its size. Players can change the size of the moon according to their liking in GTA San Andreas. This is a feature that is hidden in plain sight from the players. There are eight sizes of the moon that players can switch between.

What happens if your girlfriend dies in GTA San Andreas?

In the game, she works as a nurse in the ER unit. If players kill her, they won’t be able to get out of the hospital for free and lose all of their weapons after dying. Players might want to keep her alive then.

How do you unlock planes in GTA San Andreas?

How do I get a locked plane? For the helicopter, use a tow truck and take it to the airstrip by using the teleport to marker mod or by just driving. If you use cheat menu mode, it is possible to unlock the plane or helicopter by pressing CTRL+C, Vehicle Cheats, and Unlock Nearest Vehicle.

How do you open all cities in GTA San Andreas?

There is no cheat that unlocks the entire map. You could however: Explore the map with a plane, (enabling the « Lock Wanted Level » cheat to make the Cops not chase you). Use a Savegame from someone who has unlocked every area.

How do you get a girl in your car on GTA San Andreas?

To get a girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you’ll first need to complete the C.R.A.S.H mission Burning Desire. In the level, CJ will rescue a woman named Denise from a house fire. Shortly after, she’ll become CJ’s girlfriend and act as something of a tutorial for the game’s dating mechanics.

Where is Area 69 in San Andreas?

It sits immediately to the south of Verdant Meadows, to the west of Las Venturas, to the east of El Castillo del Diablo, and directly to the north of Green Palms.

What happens if you killed Denise in GTA San Andreas?

After setting fire to a house owned by Vagos members on the orders of Officer Tenpenny, CJ rescued her from the house. If players want Denise out of the game on the first date itself, they can do so as well. She will retaliate using a Micro SMG. The gun could be collected after killing her.

How many girlfriends can you have in GTA San Andreas?

six possible girlfriends
In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are six possible girlfriends for CJ to date, with two of them becoming girlfriends through the storyline.

What is the fastest car in San Andreas?

The 12 Fastest Cars in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive…

  • Premier.
  • Buffalo.
  • Hotring Racer.
  • Bullet.
  • Super GT.
  • Cheetah.
  • Turismo.
  • Infernus. For the third game in a row, the Infernus is the fastest car around and is again able to boast top speeds of almost 250 km/h in San Andreas.

Where can I find a fighter jet in GTA San Andreas?

Hydra is the fastest plane in San Andreas and one of the more versatile since it can hover and has powerful weaponry….The Hydra can spawn in three potential locations.

  1. San Fierro aircraft carrier.
  2. Las Venturas restricted area.
  3. The abandoned airstrip north of the restricted area, after you complete “Vertical Bird.”

What are the Cheats of GTA San Andreas?

all cars with nitrous

  • all cars with hydraulics
  • infinite health
  • infinite ammo
  • infinite oxygen
  • never wanted
  • anyone can be recruited to your gang
  • spawn Hunter
  • spawn Dozer
  • all streetlights “strobe” streetlights
  • What is the gun cheat in GTA San Andreas?

    Weapons 1 (Bat,Pistol,Shotgun,Mini SMG,AK 47,Rocket Launcher,Molotov Cocktail,Spray

  • Weapons 2 (Knife,Pistol,Sawed-Off Shotgun,Tec 9,Sniper Rifle,Flamethrower,Grenades,
  • Are there any cheats for GTA San Andreas?

    The following GTA San Andreas cheat codes are some of the most useful and popular cheats in the game – not to mention the most fun. Here is a list of the best GTA San Andreas cheat codes: Will provide CJ with Health, Armor, and $250,000. CJ will receive unlimited ammunition.

    Which is the hardest mission of GTA San Andreas?

    This article talks about some of the most divisive missions in GTA San Andreas. In the comment section, let us know whether you personally enjoyed grinding these missions or had a hard time getting through them. This mission may sound simple, but Robbing

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