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Is there a game that teaches Spanish?

Is there a game that teaches Spanish?

Level: Children and Beginners Rockalingua is brilliant because it offers music-based Spanish learning. So if you’re an auditory learner, then this is a great game for you. Their games are created for children or anyone learning basic words and phrases.

How do you ask what time it is in Spanish Latin America?

In some Latin American countries, you may hear ¿Qué hora son? instead of ¿Qué hora es?. Both are correct for asking the time in Spanish. The singular form is used mostly in Spain and the plural form is used mostly in Latin American Spanish-speaking countries.

How do you remember the time in Spanish?

The basics of Spanish time

  1. Es la una. – It’s one o’clock.
  2. Son las dos. – It’s two o’clock.
  3. Son las tres. – It’s three o’clock.
  4. Son las cuatro. – It’s four o’clock.
  5. Son las cinco. – It’s five o’clock.
  6. Son las seis. – It’s six o’clock.
  7. Son las siete. – It’s seven o’clock.
  8. Son las ocho. – It’s eight o’clock.

Is Rockalingua free?

It’s free and super easy to use. These classes are free . Feel free to share with friends and families that might be interested in learning Spanish with us this Summer!

What is Spanish bingo?

Bingo Bilingüe is played the same way as traditional bingo games, but with this game the kids have the opportunity to learn, review and use new Spanish vocabulary while bingo fun keeps them glued to the learning activity. Click on the links below to download and print FREE bingos. Bilingual Bingo. Spanish Bingo.

What time is it in Spanish slang?

¿Qué hora es? What time is it?

What is the difference between qué hora and a qué hora?

Although ‘a qué hora’ is also used when asking about time, this Spanish question has a different purpose than ‘qué hora’. ‘A qué hora’ is used to ask someone about the specific hour or time when an action is going to happen. ‘A qué hora’ means literally ‘at what time’. However, it’s mostly translated as ‘what time?

What is the difference between cuando es and a que hora es?

Some Spanish-speakers prefer to use “cuando” most of the time, while some prefer to use “a que hora”, using the other term for clarification when/if needed.

How do you say viente?


  1. beyn. – teh.
  2. bein. – te.
  3. vein. – te.

Is it a La or a Las for time?

To tell time in Spanish, use the verb “son las” unless it’s 1 o’clock, when you should use “es la” instead. If you need to tell the time in the first half hour, follow “son las” with the number for the current hour, the word “y” which means “and,” and the number of minutes.

Is Rockalingua good?

Rockalingua is also highly effective because we promote repetition by presenting high frequency structures in many different ways that are designed to reach all different types of learners. Repetition and language in context has been proven to be one of the best ways to help kids acquire a language.

How much is a Rockalingua membership?

Our most popluar subscription for families is only $99 a year.

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