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Is the 1870 census available?

Is the 1870 census available?

The 1870 Federal Census is available online.

Can I look up someone on the census?

How can I search the Census Records? You can access census records many different ways: View digitized Census Records online through one of our partners, or ( is free-of-charge.

What did the 1870 census reveal?

The 1870 census was the first census to provide detailed information on the African-American population, only five years after the culmination of the Civil War when slaves were granted freedom. The total population was 38,925,598 with a resident population of 38,558,371 individuals, a 22.6% increase from 1860.

How do I find the 1870 census?

National Archives Microfilm Publication T132, Minnesota Census Schedules for 1870 (13 rolls), contains the “state copy” of the census for all counties, and is online at popular genealogy websites, including,, and others.

What happened to the 1870 federal census?

The 1870 Census was conducted under the authority of the Census Act of 1850. A new law, approved on May 6, 1870, called for two procedural changes: The marshals were to submit the returns from the population questionnaire to the Census Office by September 10, 1870; all other questionnaires were due by October 1, 1870.

Is the US Census public record?

The National Archives and Records Administration is responsible for making census records publicly available. Records are available at National Archives facilities and many large public and university libraries. Visit the National Archives Website to access 1940 and 1950 Census records.

Is the US census public record?

Because of a 72-year restriction on access to the Census, the most recent year available is 1950. The 1950 Census was released on April 1, 2022. The National Archives has the census schedules available from 1790 to 1950, and most have now been digitized by our digitization partners.

Can you search the US census by address?

Most genealogists are very familiar with searching Ancestry or FamilySearch for individuals in the U.S. federal census population schedule, but not as many know that they can look for people in the census by address.

Where can I find 1870 census records?

Where can I see the original 1870 census schedules? Digital images are online: National Archives Microfilm Publication M593, Ninth Census of the United States, 1850 (1009 rolls), is on popular genealogy websites, including,, and others.

What were the census categories in 1870?

1870 and 1880: In the first Census after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1870, the racial categories were “white,” “Black,” “mulatto,” “Indian” and “Chinese” (applied nationwide). As second-generation immigrants were born in this country, place of birth” was replaced by “parental place of birth” to track immigration.

Is there an 1880 US census?

The 1880 census began on 1 June 1880 for the general population of the United States. The enumeration was to be completed within thirty days, or two weeks for communities with populations of 10,000 or fewer.

Was there a census in 1860?

Census Day was June 1, 1860. on Census Day, June 1, 1860.

Is there an 1880 census?

What major event happened in 1870?

July 19, 1870: The Franco-Prussian War began. The war was provoked by Otto von Bismarck, the Prussian leader, as part of his plan to unite Germany. October 12, 1870: Robert E. Lee, Confederate general in the Civil War, died at the age of 63 at Lexington, Virginia.

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