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Is Mondragon successful?

Is Mondragon successful?

Mondragón in the Spanish Basque Region is the largest cooperative in the world and one of the most successful companies in Spain.

What is Mondragon model?

This framework of business culture has been structured based on a common culture derived from the 10 Basic Co-operative Principles, in which Mondragon is rooted: Open Admission, Democratic Organisation, the Sovereignty of Labour, Instrumental and Subordinate Nature of Capital, Participatory Management, Payment …

What is the largest worker cooperative?

Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA)
The largest worker cooperative in the United States is Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA), a home care agency with over 2,000 workers based in the Bronx, New York.

Is Mondragon really a cooperative?

Vision. MONDRAGON is Cooperation A cooperative socioeconomic project, with dedicated people working in global companies that are profitable, competitive and enterprising, acknowledged for their human values, social impact and competitiveness.

Is Mondragon democratic?

Finally, Mondragon is a fully-fledged “economic democracy” where workers collectively own the firm and collectively decide the delegations each cooperative will send to the Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa Congress. These are clearly intangible but very real benefits to workers.

Why do worker cooperatives fail?

Co-ops may fail because of poor management. Excessive costs, inadequate marketing, lack of attention to customers, etc. are bad for any business. Securing technically competent management is necessary for co-ops, but is not in itself sufficient for their needs.

How many employees does Mondragon have?

The concept of the cooperative may conjure notions of hippie socialism, limiting its value as a model for the global economy, but Mondragón stands out as a genuinely large enterprise. Its cooperatives employ more than 70,000 people in Spain, making it one of the nation’s largest sources of paychecks.

Does Mondragon have a CEO?

Josu Ugarte, the president of Mondragon International, spent a chunk of last month touring the United States, as part of the co-op’s ongoing outreach to people and groups looking for alternatives to corporate business as usual.

Are worker cooperatives socialism?

Worker cooperatives are independent of socialist/capitalist classification. Can elect (assuming they have 100% internal agreement) to sell the cooperative to ANOTHER owner, who will then be deciding how the place is run and getting the profits.

What is the largest cooperative in the world?

Which are the largest co-ops in the world? By turnover, the largest co-ops in the world are topped by French co-operative banks Groupe Crédit Agricole ($115bn turnover) and Groupe BPCE ($63bn turnover), followed by German retail group REWE ($62bn turnover).

How is Mondragon organized?

Mondragon is an advanced industrial economy competing in global markets. Mondragon today consists of 102 individual cooperatives united in a federation called the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, which is also organized as a cooperative.

Why are worker coops so rare?

Why Worker Cooperatives Are So Scarce. Olsen’s study on the viability of worker cooperatives concluded that their scarcity in the US was due to obstacles to their creation, not to their survival.

Are coops socialist?

Appealing to the dictionary we find: “Market socialism is a type of economic system where the means of production are either publicly owned or socially owned as cooperatives and operated in a market economy.” Cooperatives are neither capitalist nor state socialist. Rather, a form of grassroots market socialism.

How is Mondragon doing?

Since its founding in 1956 by Father Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta, Mondragon has become the world’s largest and most advanced cooperative economy. Today, it consists of 98 cooperatives with more than 80,000 employees in areas of finance, industry, retail, and knowledge development.

Why do worker coops fail?

Why are worker cooperatives so rare?

Which is the most successful cooperative society?

The world’s biggest 300 co-operatives

Rank Name Country
1 CrŽdit Agricole Group France
2 Groupe Caisse D’Epargne France
3 Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Co-operatives) Japan
4 ConfŽdŽration Nationale du CrŽdit Mutuel France

What are the 3 types of cooperatives?

Types of Cooperatives

  • 1) Retail Cooperatives. Retail Cooperatives are a type of “consumer cooperative” which help create retail stores to benefit the consumers making the retail “our store”.
  • 2) Worker Cooperatives.
  • 3) Producer Cooperatives.
  • 4) Service Cooperatives.
  • 5) Housing Cooperatives.

Are workers coops socialist?

Worker cooperatives are independent of socialist/capitalist classification.

Why do coops fail?

Most early American co-ops failed due to insufficient capital (money invested by the owners), poor management, and a lack of understanding of the cooperative principles by their members.

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