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Is Cirno a girl or a boy?

Is Cirno a girl or a boy?

Personality[edit] Cirno is a childish, confident fairy who appears to have a superiority complex in regards to others. She proclaims herself to be “the strongest” on three separate occasions in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Is Cirno strong?

As a fairy, she is surprisingly strong, potentially the strongest of her kind. This has given her a sense of superiority, declaring herself to be the strongest, despite most non-fairies in Gensokyo being much more powerful than she is for what we currently know of her.

How do you pronounce Cirno Touhou?

Re: How do YOU pronounce Cirno? Chi-chi-chi AH!

Is Cirno a Touhou?

Cirno is an ice fairy. While she is described as a weak boss in the Touhou series, if we consider the power of average fairies – who appear often as regular enemies – we can certainly say she is exceptionally strong for her kind, and she is implied to be so in Phantasmagoria of Flower View by Eiki Shiki.

How old is reimu hakurei?

According to the Touhou wiki, Reimu is in her mid-teens, which I will call anywhere in the 14-16 range. According to the Gensokyo timeline, there were 6 years between the events of EoSD and Hisoutensoku, which implies that she was around 8-10 years old during EoSD.

How old is rumia?

However, she can neither touch nor remove the amulet. According to ZUN, her height is that of a human in her early teens (from 10 to 14 years old).

Who is the strongest in Touhou?

Hecatia is the only extra stage boss who has another boss helping her in her battle. According to an Interview with ZUN, she’s the strongest Touhou character to date, stating: “Since she’s an enemy that doesn’t play by the rules, you can’t even call it a proper match. It’s just playing around.

How do you spell cirno?

The ‘c’ in ‘Cirno’ is pronounced as ‘ch’.

How old is Flandre Scarlet?

Despite this, she is at least 500 years old, having been locked in the Scarlet Devil Mansion for 495 years.

Who is Marisa Kirisame?

Marisa Kirisame is a human magician, and one of the two main characters of the Touhou Project series alongside Reimu Hakurei, serving as the deuteragonist. She is also known as a hard worker, who’s trying to catch up to Reimu with her secret training and magic development.

Is Reimu depressed?

Depressed, in pain, and unable to take it easy, Reimu just lay still for several hours, until she eventually got hungry….Lonely Reimu.

Lonely Reimu Story
Alternate names
Author anon of /jp/
Source >>1415097 onward
Date 10/05/08(Sun)

Is rumia a cannibal?

Despite her innocent appearance, she eats humans.

How old is Reimu?

Why does Yukari have a train?

Yukari is sometimes seen riding on top of a train in fan-made videos, likely due to her most powerful spellcard in SWR and Touhou Hisoutensoku, in which she summons a train to run over her opponent.

Is Yukari a youkai?

Yukari Yakumo is a youkai, and undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters of the Touhou Universe. She is known as the “Gap Youkai”, capable of manipulating boundaries, including those that are conceptual.

What anime is Cirno from?

Cirno is one of the characters from the game series known as Touhou. There was an anime based off the characters from the game. She is an ice fairy and is childish.

Who voiced Cirno?

Yuka Iguchi is the Japanese voice of Cirno in Touhou Azure Reflections.

Why does Flandre have crystals?

Some consider the crystals on her wings to be the source or the seals of her power. Flandre is often depicted as bipolar, one personality being very childish, and playful, the other brutally murderous and sadistic.

Is Marisa Kirisame a boy?

Marisa’s height is that of a girl in her early teens and is in the “fairly short” group.. Unlike Patchouli Knowledge and Alice Margatroid, who are magicians by species, she’s merely an ordinary human who uses magic. In the games themselves, she’s a character who consistently stresses high power and quick speed.

How old is reimu Touhou?

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