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Is Bertram yachts still in business?

Is Bertram yachts still in business?

The Gavio Group has officially acquired US sportfish yacht builder Bertram Yachts from the Ferretti Group.

Where are Bertram yachts made?

Though many of the world’s top yachts are built in places like Germany and the Netherlands, Bertram made a some-what unique choice for the location of its new ship-yard in 2016: a 120,000 square-foot bayfront facility near Tampa’s West Shore Boulevard.

Who makes Bertram boats?

Ferretti Group
10. Bertram Yachts Purchased by Ferretti Group (1998) Bertram Yachts were revived by Ferretti Group as it acquired it in 1998. The Italian group changed everything and built some amazing models.

What is the original founder of Bertram yachts first name?

Bertram Yacht began the first large production runs of boats with C. Raymond Hunt’s revolutionary deep-V hull design….

Richard Bertram
Born 4 February 1916 East Orange, New Jersey
Died 28 April 2000 (aged 84) Stuart, Florida
Occupation Sailor, boat builder and yacht broker

When did Bertram go out of business?

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 1992 and was later purchased by Gruppo Varasi of Italy. An infusion of capital and new leadership helped Bertram hang in, and the luxury tax was eventually repealed.

What is a Bertram moppie?

The last in a series of Bertram 28-footers, the 28 Moppie is a well-styled inboard runabout with the quality engineering and rugged construction one expects in a Bertram product. She’s built on a beamy, solid fiberglass deep-V hull with a steep 23 degrees of transom deadrise.

Who designed the Bertram hulls?

Layout and Design The hull, designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design, is projected to reach a top speed of more than 40 knots with twin 460-horsepower diesels. Engine access will be through two engine boxes in the cockpit that will also serve as mezzanine seating for anglers watching their baits.

What does Bertram mean?

noun. a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “bright” and “raven.”

How many Bertram 31s were made?

Nothing in powerboating history has equaled the worldwide popularity of the original deep-V, the Bertram 31. Offered in several model configurations, over two thousand 31s were produced during her two decades of production, many of which were Flybridge Cruisers.

What nationality is Bertram?

German, English, Scottish, French, and Danish: from the Germanic personal name Bertram, composed of the elements berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’ + hrabn ‘raven’.

What nationality is the surname Bertram?

Bertram is both a Germanic given name and a surname, from berht (“bright”) and hramn (“raven”).

How much does a 31 Bertram weigh?

The weights varied over the years from 10,000 to 12, 000 lbs., very light for a 31 footer. Actually she’s 30′-7″. At that weight she does okay with smaller engines, which are desireable from her limited fuel capacity standpoint. But who the heck wants small engines in a boat like this?

What is Bertram short for?

Bertram is both a Germanic given name and a surname, from berht (“bright”) and hramn (“raven”). Notable people with the name include: Given name: Bertram (Archdeacon of Armagh) (fl.

What’s the meaning of Bertram?

How do you pronounce Bertram?

Break ‘bertram’ down into sounds: [BUR] + [TRUHM] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

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