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Is AcrySof IQ hydrophobic?

Is AcrySof IQ hydrophobic?

The single-piece AcrySof IQ IOL is composed of a high refractive index, soft, foldable, hydrophobic acrylic material.

What is Alcon SN60WF?

Alcon, a Novartis Division. The AcrySof IQ lens (model SN60WF) is a single-piece IOL with proprietary blue light filtering chromophores that filter light in a manner that approximates the crystalline lens in the 400-475 nm blue light wavelength range.

Which IOL is better hydrophilic or hydrophobic?

The overall pooled analysis found that hydrophobic lenses had lower rate Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy than hydrophilic treatment. (OR = 0.38; P = . 029). Hydrophobic lenses compared with hydrophilic lenses were also associated with better (lower) subjective and estimated PCO score (P ≤ .

What kind of lens is SN60WF?

The SN60WF is an aspheric biconvex monofocal IOL, with a reported 0.20 μm of negative spherical aberration.

What type of lens is AcrySof IQ?

The AcrySof IQ platform is available in two separate options, a blue light-filtration lens and a ultraviolet blocking-only lens. The blue light-filtration lens features a natural chromophore that mimics the healthy, natural crystalline lens’ transmission of light.

What is hydrophobic acrylic?

Hydrophobic acrylic IOLs have gained significant market share around the world. These lenses are increasing in popularity among ophthalmologists because they offer good mechanical stability, good uveal biocompatibility, and low rates of posterior capsular opacification (PCO).

Is SN60WF a toric lens?

The toric group received SN6AT series (Alcon Inc., Fort Worth, TX, USA) IOLs (SN6AT3-SN6AT9; Alcon Inc.) bilaterally, and the non-toric group received SN60WF (Alcon Inc.).

What type of lens is best for cataract surgery?

That depends on your needs. If you’re comfortable wearing glasses after cataract surgery, a monofocal lens may be the right choice. If you want to avoid wearing distance glasses after cataract surgery and have astigmatism, a toric lens might be appropriate.

What is hydrophobic IOL lens?

What is a hydrophobic lens?

A hydrophobic coating supports greatly to repel water drops from lens surface as the stiffness between the liquid and the hydrophobic exterior is lower. So, when any droplets come in contact with the hydrophobic lens, they are more likely to resist the lens much more than they usually do.

What is Alcon lens?

In August, Alcon launched PRECISION1 in the U.S. as the first mainstream daily disposable contact lens to use proprietary SMARTSURFACE® technology to deliver precise vision and long-lasting comfort. This new contact lens innovation will make its debut at this year’s AAO meeting.

Is AcrySof IQ a good lens?

Cataract surgery through the use of AcrySof IQ Intraocular Lens has proven to be a viable option for patients with vision problems. The ability to improve one’s vision and function to optimal levels through this lens is commendable.

Is Alcon IQ lens good?

The AcrySof IQ lens has a higher refractive index versus other aspheric IOLs and has excellent elasticity, allowing me to fold it easily without kinking or twisting. I implant this IOL though a 2.2-mm incision using the UltraSert Pre-loaded IOL Delivery System (Alcon).

Is acrylic hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic have been commonly used in cataract surgeries. Hydrophobic acrylic IOLs have a long track record of good PCO rate [19]. However, due to the mechanical properties, hydrophilic acrylic IOLs may be more suitable for implantation through smaller IOL injection systems [12].

What is the difference between toric and non toric?

Eyes that can use non-toric lens designs are simple in shape, much as a natural drop of water would form. The non-toric lens shape is simply a matter of eye curvature fit and desired focal length. Toric lenses include a cylinder specification that describes a shift from the simple spherical shape.

What is hydrophobic lens?

Are hydrophobic glasses worth it?

Hydrophobic coatings also require less cleaning than the normal ones as it significantly repels stains and grease from our fingers. This way, cleaning the lenses is much faster as well as stress-free.

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