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How much is polo in South Africa?

How much is polo in South Africa?

R311 800
Volkswagen Polo facelift arrives at dealerships from early January. Orders are already being accepted; prices start at R311 800. Facelift Polo sedan will arrive in South Africa in Q4 of 2022.

How much is Polo R line in South Africa?

R 494 600.00 (Recommended retail)

How much is a polo 8 GTI in South Africa?

The VW Golf 8 GTI has a retail price of R682,700 in South Africa. Along with this you get a 3-year/120,000km warranty and a 5-year/90,000km service plan. The new VW Polo GTI sells for R489,400, and includes a 3-year/120,000km warranty and a 3-year/45,000km service plan.

How much is the cheapest Polo?

Price List – VOLKSWAGEN POLO Series

Model Price Consumption litres/100 km
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.0 TSI 70KW 5-DR R315,000.00 5.3
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.0 TSI LIFE 70KW 5-DR R353,600.00 5.4
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 2.0 TSI GTI 147KW 5-DR DSG R494,600.00 6.4
VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.0 TSI LIFE 85KW 5-DR DSG R374,400.00 4.8

How much is a Polo TSI in SA?

The Polo 85kW derivatives will be available from March 2022. Pricing for the new models is as follows: Polo 1.0 TSI 70kW Manual – R311,800. Polo Life 1.0 TSI 70kW Manual – R350,000.

Which is the most reliable car in South Africa?

Kia ranks highest overall in vehicle dependability, with a score of 145 PP100. This is the first year Kia leads the overall ranking after ranking third overall in 2021, JD Power said. Other mass-market brands ranking high for vehicle dependability include Buick (147 PP100), Hyundai (148 PP100), and Toyota (158 PP100).

Whats TDI stand for?

Turbocharged Direct Injection
TDI stands for Turbocharged Direct Injection. Direct injection is when fuel is sprayed directly into a car’s cylinder rather than delivered through an intake manifold. Direct injection diesel engines tend to be more efficient and produce less soot than older types of engines.

Is Polo a reliable car?

Unfortunately, the Polo isn’t the most reliable of cars, according to our latest What Car? Reliability Survey. The Polo came in 20th place out of a class of 21, with owners citing problems with the air conditioning, engine start/stop system and infotainment screen.

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