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How much is parking a day at Orlando Airport?

How much is parking a day at Orlando Airport?

Parking Rates

Parking Options Daily Rate
Terminal Top Parking full
Parking Garage B full
Parking Garage C $17
North Park Place Economy Lot $10

What is the cheapest parking at Orlando Airport?

The cheapest parking at Orlando Airport is through On Air Parking at $2.99 per day.

What is the best parking at Orlando Airport?

Best Rated Parking Lots at Orlando International Airport

  • Orlando Airport Marriott.
  • Omni Airport Parking.
  • Renaissance Orlando Airport.
  • Best Rate Parking.
  • Park Me Fly.
  • WallyPark Premier Airport Parking.
  • Park ‘N Go.
  • Xpress Airport Parking.

Can I reserve parking at MCO?

Luckily, reserving a secure, convenient MCO parking spot is easier than ever with The Parking Spot! Use our handy app to reserve affordable airport parking in Orlando, board a shuttle, and go! You can also get more information about MCO through our airport guide.

How much does it cost to leave your car at the Orlando Airport for a week?

On-Site Orlando Airport Parking Rates & Availability

MCO Airport Parking Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Terminal Top Parking $19 $133
Parking Garage A & B $19 $133
Parking Garage C $17 $119
North Park Place Economy Lot $10 $70

How much does it cost to park at MCO for a week?

How Much Is Overnight Parking At Orlando International Airport? Parking at Orlando airport long-term is $19 per 24-hour period for a maximum of 45 days, which would be $855.

How much is SunPass parking at MCO?

The SunPass Mini transponder costs $4.99. It comes in the form of a sticker that sticks to the inside of your vehicle’s windshield. This sticker cannot be peeled off for use in another vehicle.

How much is Epass parking at Orlando Airport?

Valet parking is available for $9.56/hr or $28.76 / day. Locals can use their E-PASS/SunPass to pay for parking upon exit. There are cell phone lots available north and south of the terminal….Long term parking.

Lot name Price
Valet Parking $17.00 / day

Can I leave my car at Orlando Airport?

Long-Term MCO Parking There are three options for long-term parking at Orlando Airport: the Terminal Parking Areas, South and North Park Place garages, and a valet parking option. The South and North Park Place garages charge $10 per day and provide shuttle service.

How much is long term parking at Orlando?

Long-Term MCO Parking

Long-Term Off-Site W/ Shuttle Rate
Per Day $10
Terminal Top Parking Rate
Per Day $19
Valet Parking Rate

What is the SunPass plus parking?

SunPass Plus is an easy way to pay for parking using your SunPass Transponder. Choose the SunPass Plus lane as you enter the parking facility. When you exit, choose the SunPass Plus lane at the toll plaza. SunPass will automatically charge the airport parking fees to your account.

Do you get a discount on airport parking with SunPass?

SunPass will automatically charge the airport parking fees to your account. There are no extra fees when using SunPass Plus for airport parking!

Can SunPass be used for airport parking?

As a SunPass customer, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of using your transponder to pay for parking at most of Florida’s major airports, Port Canaveral, and the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Can you let a car sit for 6 months?

Cars are designed to be driven, not to sit idle for months. When left unused, engine fluids start to break down, parts that aren’t getting lubricated begin to corrode, and even worse, animals may move in, chewing on anything they can reach.

How much is it to park at Orlando Airport for a week?

Where is long term parking at MCO?

Does SunPass work at Orlando Airport?

If this is your desired method of payment for Orlando Airport parking (and, really, why shouldn’t it be?), the steps are simple. First, enter the parking garages through the lanes that are specially marked E-PASS/SunPass lanes. You won’t need to pick up a parking ticket – just drive on through.

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