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How many Tim Holtz Mini distress inks are there?

How many Tim Holtz Mini distress inks are there?

Tim Holtz® Mini Distress Ink Pads are a collection of 60 individual 1” x 1” water-based dye inks. Like their larger counterpart, the Minis feature a raised felt pad with ink that is reactive with water and coordinates with the Distress palette of products. Each ink pad is stackable and fade resistant.

What is distress ink?

WHAT ARE DISTRESS INKS. They are water-based dye inks that have incredible color stability. Unlike other inks, Distress Inks react to water. It means that water doesn’t break down the color. Water also allows the ink to move on the paper.

How many distress oxide colors are there 2021?

Currently, there are 68 colors in the Distress Oxide Color Family, and I am taking on the task of ranking them in order of my personal favorites.

What is the difference between distress oxide and distress inks?

Whilst the Distress Oxide Inks cover the color of your background, the Distress inks allow the cardstock background to show. Dependent on your project, you may prefer the solid color a Distress Oxide Ink offers.

Which is better distress ink or oxide?

Distress Inks create a grittier, antique look whereas Oxide Inks are little creamier in their texture. You’ll find that each of these inks suit different projects so dependent on what kind of project you wish to create you may want to switch between the two.

Which is better distress oxide or distress ink?

Should ink pads be stored upside down?

face up. Very simple answer the ink pad that the lid come off need to be store upside down so the ink in the pad stay at to the top surface and while the Stampin’Up! ink pad get flip when you close them it will flip that pad upside down automatic so you will store those one face up.

Can you blend distress inks?

Distress Oxide Inks are creamy and sort of sit on the surface of the cardstock. This allows for easy blending when you add a second color of ink.

What is the difference between Tim Holtz distress ink and distress oxide?

What is the difference between distress ink pads and distress oxide ink pads?

Which is better distress ink or distress oxide?

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