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How fast does a Suzuki 300 go?

How fast does a Suzuki 300 go?

45-54 mph

Engine Type 4-Stroke OHC
Top Speed 45-54 mph (72.4-86.9 km/h) – owners’ claim
Starter System Electric/recoil
Air Filtration Polyurethane foam element
Lubrication Wet sump

What years did Suzuki make the Quadrunner?

This prototype was marketed alongside the ALT125 ATC between 1983 and 1987 and featured a well-planted four-wheel chassis, an electric start system, and reverse, which were rare luxuries in the early ’80s.

What kind of oil does a Suzuki Quadrunner take?

Complete Mineral Engine Oil 10W-40 Change Kit for ATV SUZUKI FOUR WHEELS LT-F500 F Quadrunner 98-02.

What kind of oil does a King Quad 300 take?

ATV Power SAE 5W-40 Synthetic 4T Engine Oil, by Motul USA®.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki 300 have?

SUZUKI DUAL PROP SYSTEM The dual prop system efficiently turns 300 horsepower output into propulsion under water. As an added benefit, because each propeller rotates in a different direction, exceptional stability is achieved.

How much oil does a Suzuki King Quad 300 take?

Capacity. The King Quad 300 holds 3500 ml or 3.7 quarts of oil. It will take slightly more, 100 ml more, if the oil filter is also changed.

How much is a 1987 Suzuki LT250R worth?


Excellent $1,820
Very Good $1,055
Good $545
Fair $230
Poor N/A

How many quarts of oil does a Suzuki Quadrunner take?

3 Quarts
Formulated to provide excellent lubrication and protection for your 4-stroke motorcycle engine. Helps to protect internal parts from rust and corrosion. ***Kit includes 3 Quarts of Suzuki 4-Cycle Motorcycle Engine Oil, One OEM Suzuki oil Filter, and One Crush Washer.

How much oil does a King Quad 300 take?

The King Quad 300 holds 3500 ml or 3.7 quarts of oil. It will take slightly more, 100 ml more, if the oil filter is also changed.

How much does a Suzuki 300 weight?


Model Name: DF300 V8 300
Manufacturer: Suzuki Mercury
Horsepower: 300 300
Shaft Length (Inches): X (25), XX (30) L (20)
Weight (Lbs): X (604), XX (615) L (527)

How much does Suzuki outboard motors cost?

New 2022 Suzuki Outboard Engines:

Engine description (all engines NB – Nebular black – in color, unless specified). Clark Marine SALE PRICE
Suzuki DF 70 ATLW4 (Color: White) $7,335
Suzuki DF 90 ATL4 – ON ORDER $8,595
Suzuki DF 90 ATLW4 (Color: White) $8,730
Suzuki DF 115 BTL4 – ON ORDER $9,300

What is 10w40 oil?

10W-40 is the viscosity, or weight, of the motor oil as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE for short). A 10W-40 oil has a viscosity grade of 10W at a low temperature and 40 at a higher temperature. What does this mean, exactly? Motor oil thickens when it’s cold and becomes thinner when heated up.

Where is the year on my Suzuki Quadrunner?

How to Find out the Year of a Four Wheeler

  1. Find the 17-character vehicle identification number on the frame of your four wheeler.
  2. Look at the 10th character of the vehicle identification number.
  3. Use the 10th character to determine the year model of the four wheeler.

Where’s the VIN number on a Suzuki Quadrunner?

The frame/VIN number is stamped on the front of the ATV frame as shown in the photograph. The engine serial number is located on the right side of the engine housing.

How many gears does a LT250R have?

The LT250R setup is what is commonly used in today’s sport quads, such as: 2-wheel rear drive with a solid axle. “A-Arm” front suspension. Powerful lightweight engine….1985.

Specifications 1985 LT250R
Lubrication System Fuel and oil premixture of 20 : 1
Carburetion Mikuni VM32SS
Transmission Manual Clutch, 5-speed

How much is a 1987 quadzilla worth?

The list price of the Quadzilla 500 started at $3,299, increasing by only $1,000 for its final production model (or in increments of $300-$400 each year)….Worth of a Suzuki LT 500.

Year – Trim – Model # List Price Retail/Trade-In Values
1987 Suzuki LT500RH QuadRacer $3,299 $255 – $1,935

How do you start a Suzuki Quadrunner?

To start an ATV needs three things:

  1. Put gas in the tank.
  2. Charge the battery.
  3. Turn the run switch to the “on” position.
  4. Turn on key.
  5. Actuate choke.
  6. Squeeze the left or right brake lever.
  7. Press the starter button, usually located on the right-hand side easily accessible using your thumb.

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