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How does Meal Exchange work at ODU?

How does Meal Exchange work at ODU?

Meal Exchanges for the Weekly Meal Plans do not roll over to the next week and reset every Monday morning. Block Plan Meal Exchanges are taken from the allotted Meal Swipes given at the beginning of the semester and once all meal exchanges are used, Flex Points would be the available payment option at retail locations.

How do I cancel my ODU meal plan?

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the cancellation processes, feel free to contact Housing & Residence Life via email at [email protected], by phone at (757) 683-4283, or by visiting our office located in the Virginia House.

Where can you use Flex points ODU?

select Monarch Dining locations
Meal Plans and Flex Points: Meal Plans are ODU’s way for students to purchase food on campus, per semester. Flex Points are tax-free points to be used at select Monarch Dining locations.

What is a meal swipe?

A meal swipe is how students living in a residence hall pay when they eat at the dining commons. Meal plans include a certain number of meal swipes stored on their Cal 1 Card. One meal swipe per meal period will be used each time a student enters the dining commons.

What is college meal exchange?

Meal exchange is a meal plan option that adds flexibility to your dining options and use of your meal plan. During each meal period, guests can use one or two of their meal swipes at the Pioneer Indoor Terrace, Stone Creek, Gert’s Grab n’ Go or Au Bon Pain for a set cash equivalency or a meal exchange combo.

Does ODU allow pets in dorms?

A pet is an animal kept for ordinary use and companionship unrelated to a disability. Service and emotional support animals, as defined above, are not considered pets. Students are not permitted to bring pets inside any on-campus residential building (e.g. residence halls, apartment communities, etc.).

What is Monarch Plus ODU?

Monarch Plus is a prepaid debit account, placed directly on your University ID Card, designed for any student, faculty, or staff member of the ODU Community. Your Monarch Plus account provides the flexibility and convenience of a debit card to use at any of our on or off campus locations.

How do you do laundry at ODU?

Laundry. Residents are provided 60 “starts” each semester on their ODU ID card, which is enough for 30 loads of laundry (1 wash + 1 dry = 1 load). If additional “starts” are needed, they can be purchased with Monarch Plus.

What is the difference between meal swipes and dining dollars?

Meal Swipes are for the entire semester and do not rollover. Any remaining meal swipes are forfeited. Each Dining Dollar is equivalent to $1. Dining Dollars may be used at any campus dining location.

Does ODU have coed dorms?

Gender Inclusive Housing is voluntary; no student will be assigned to a Gender Inclusive unit unless they have opted to be a part of a Gender Inclusive living space. All students entering into a Gender Inclusive Housing option must carefully read and understand the expectations listed below.

Can college dorms refuse emotional support animals?

Absolutely! ESAs and their owners are protected by two federal laws. One of them, the Fair Housing Act, states that no landlord can discriminate against a renter who has an ESA. This applies to campus housing as well!

What is a Monarch Plus card?

Do you have to have a roommate at ODU?

Do I need roommate(s) to fill my room/suite? No. Students do not need to fill their room/suite in order to reserve a space. Students can participate in the assignments process as an individual.

Why is food at college so expensive?

The high-income, full-tuition-paying students that many colleges are eager to recruit want high-quality food and lots of expensive options: vegan and gluten-free menus, for example. “This is the demand of some students, and yet all students ultimately pay the price for this,” she says.

How many meal swipes can I use a day?

What is a Meal Swipe? Students on a Meal Plan can use a Meal Swipe during breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Dining Room. There are no limits on how many Meal Swipes you can use throughout the day. A Meal Exchange allows you to use a Meal Swipe in a retail location.

What can dining dollars be used for?

Dining Dollars can be used for purchasing food items at all Campus Dining restaurants, food trucks and markets, including Subway, Shake Smart and Starbucks. They cannot be used for gratuities or to purchase gift cards, clothing, school supplies, mugs, coffee makers and similar non-food merchandise.

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