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How do I create an XML report in Publisher?

How do I create an XML report in Publisher?

XML Publisher Report from XML Data Template

  1. Create a RDF or SQL or PL/SQL procedure.
  2. Register the RDF or SQL or PL/SQL report as a concurrent program and set the output to XML.
  3. Run the above report and get the output and save it as a XML file.
  4. Use the XML data in building the Template using Microsoft Word.

How do I open an XML Publisher in Oracle Apps?

Set the Oracle Reports Report Output to XML

  1. Log in to your E-Business Suite instance.
  2. Open the System Administrator responsibility.
  3. Click the Define link from Concurrent: Program.
  4. Click Run, if the Warning – Security window is displayed.
  5. The Concurrent: Programs window appears.
  6. In the Short Name field, enter ARXCOBLX.

How do I display an image in XML in Publisher?

By right clicking on Dummy image select SIZE option (office 2007) and click on Alt text Button the following screen will display.

  1. 2)In this option we get the image file name in CF.
  2. a)By right click on Dummy image select SIZE option (office 2007) and click on Alt text Button the following screen will display.

What are the main XML Publisher database tables?

What are the main XML Publisher database Tables?

  • Oracle ERP Cloud Instance Clone/Refresh Guidelines.
  • ESS Request History with Time took to Run.

How do I add XML Administrator responsibility in Publisher?

Steps to create a XML Publisher Report

  1. 1] Add the “Xml Publisher Administrator” Responsibility to the user through the front end.
  2. 2] Create the Report(Data Model or we can say the .
  3. 3] Set the user parameter as p_conc_request_id.
  4. 4] Add the default values to the Before Report and After Report triggers(not mandatory)

What is XML report?

Report XML is a markup language created to build advanced reports. The language declares SQL queries using declarations in XML. You can retrieve data for integration with advanced reporting service using a report name. A report name is the same as the name attribute in the node as described below.

How do I load an XML file into an RTF template?

Working with the RTF Layout Open the RTF layout in Word, and on the BI toolbar click “Sample XML” in the Load Data, browse to the XML you saved and click ok. Make changes to your layout and Save. NOTE: be sure to keep the layout as RTF—do NOT save as DOC or DOCX.

What is the full form of XML in computer?

XML stands for extensible markup language. A markup language is a set of codes, or tags, that describes the text in a digital document. The most famous markup language is hypertext markup language (HTML), which is used to format Web pages.

How do I insert an image and logo in the XML in Publishers reports and documents?

How To Insert Images and Logo in the XML Publisher Reports and Documents

  1. URL Reference. * Insert a dummy image in the template.
  2. OA Media Directory Reference. * Insert a dummy image in the template.
  3. Element Reference from XML File.
  4. Rendering an Image Retrieved from BLOB Data.

How do I show the barcode in an XML Publisher report?

How to Implement Bar Code in XML Publisher Report

  1. Bar Code Local Setup:
  2. 1) Copy Barcode font in C:WindowsFonts directory.
  3. 2) Copy xdo.
  4. 3) Right click the font file and go to properties.
  5. 4) Open the xdo.cfg file and paste as follows (My filename is w39elc.ttf and font family is WASP 39 ELC)

What is RTF in Oracle?

Rich Text Format (RTF) is a specification used by common word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word. When you save a document, RTF is a file type option that you select. BI Publisher’s RTF Template Parser converts documents saved as the RTF file type to XSL-FO.

How do I create an XML report?

XML reports are a special type of Report Listings. If you want to receive XML reports for viewing in a web browser, you need to select option Use XML Report Format in the Options dialog (Figure 1). Then the Spreadsheet Reporter generates a local Report Listing with extension .

What is data template in XML Publisher?

The data template is the method by which you communicate your request for data to the data engine. It is an XML document whose elements collectively define how the data engine will process the template to generate the XML.

How do I create an RTF template for XML Publisher?

Creating an RTF template file consists of two basic steps:

  1. Design your template layout. Use the formatting features of your word processing application and save the file as RTF.
  2. Mark up your template layout. Insert the BI Publisher simplified tags.

How do I run XML Publisher report bursting program?

You need to submit the “XML Publisher Report Bursting Program” Concurrent program after the XML Publisher Report is completed. You can either manually Submit the program or use the below SQL Code Snippet in the After Report Trigger to submit the bursting program once the XML Publisher Report is completed. );

Why is XML used?

By using XML, Web agents and robots (programs that automate Web searches or other tasks) are more efficient and produce more useful results. General applications: XML provides a standard method to access information, making it easier for applications and devices of all kinds to use, store, transmit, and display data.

What is purpose of XML?

XML is a markup language based on Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) used for defining markup languages. XML’s primary function is to create formats for data that is used to encode information for documentation, database records, transactions and many other types of data.

How do I display an image in RTF?


  1. Open the RTF Layout in Word. If you are making changes that involve the data model, click on the BI Publisher tab and load the sample XML.
  2. Set your cursor where you want to insert the logo, then select Insert, Picture and browse to select your image.

How do I display the QR code in an RTF template?

From the BI Publisher menu, click Sample XML to load your XML file into the RTF template and right-click the field for which you want to enable the QR code. Select the Properties tab and click the Advanced tab. Here, you can add the QR code command for the field by using the QR code syntax explained earlier. Click OK.

How do I print a QR code from an RTF template?

Add the QR code to the RTF form template In your RTF form template, insert a field for the URL attribute. In the Field dialog, be sure to select the _value version of the attribute. For example, event_URL_value . Now you need to modify the code for the field.

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