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How do I contact Virginia DMV by phone?

How do I contact Virginia DMV by phone?


  1. Phone(804) 497-7100.
  2. Mailing Address Department of Motor Vehicles. P.O. Box 27412. Richmond, VA 23269.

Does VA DMV answer the phone?

All customers from across Virginia who call 866-DMV-LINE will now hear an automated message telling them the number has been changed to 804-497-7100. Customers who call DMV are helped by the DMV Direct Call Center, staffed by approximately 95 customer service agents, who answer about 5,000 to 6,000 calls per day.

Is there a DMV phone number?

(800) 777-0133California Department of Motor Vehicles / Customer service

What is my Virginia DMV customer number?

Your DMV Customer Number If your SSN is displayed on your driver’s license or ID card, you can get a replacement license with a DMV-assigned customer number, rather than your SSN.

What do I need to get my real ID in VA?

You will need to visit DMV in-person to provide physical documentation of your identity, legal presence, full Social Security number, Virginia residency (two proofs required) and, if applicable, name change. This applies to all applicants, even if you are a current Virginia credential holder.

Can I get a Virginia ID online?

Replacing Your ID Card Online You may obtain a replacement identification card online UNLESS: Your current ID card was issued prior to January 1, 2004. Your name must be changed or corrected on your identification card.

How do I contact VA DMV?

– Where offices are in different regions – Sample tests – License renewals and information – Making appointments

How to contact DMV by phone?

Vehicle Information (Vehicle Identification Number)

  • First and Last Name
  • Telephone Number
  • County of Residence or Zip Code
  • Detailed description of your comment or concern (background) and explain how we can assist you
  • For dealers,provide your dealer license number or application number
  • What is Virginia DMV customer service phone number?

    DMV Customer Service Center. Richmond, Virginia. Enter Starting Address: Go. Address 610 Johnston Willis Drive. Richmond, VA 23236. Get Directions. Get Directions. Phone (804) 497-7100.

    What is the customer service number for DMV?

    What is the customer service number for DMV? Customer Service Center representatives are available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., (EST) at 850-617-2000. Please be prepared to provide your driver license number, Social Security number, title or vehicle identification number.

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